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About Us

About SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds is an exciting new breed of free online game that combines best-in-class graphics, extensive gameplay and almost limitless options for self-expression and fun.

Create your avatar and perfect your look, then hit the town meeting new friends and exploring exotic locales. Whether it’s hanging out at the Americana 50’s Inspired “Scoops” ice-cream parlor by the beach, or chilling out skiing down the slopes, SmallWorlds has it all.

In SmallWorlds players create the world, selecting from thousands of items to create unique spaces, whether decorating a dream home or creating a space station. They grow exotic plants and harvest the ingredients to use in crafting, and create works of art to display them in virtual art galleries. There’s so much to SmallWorlds, it’s simply amazing!

It doesn’t stop there: all players have the ability to contribute to the game itself by building their own Missions for others to enjoy. Missions are interactive adventures, complete with elaborate sets and programmable NPC actors. Other players aspire to be SmallWorlds tycoons and play the rare item market, buying items that they know will become desirable and selling for a tidy profit.

Whatever your dream, SmallWorlds is the game where you belong!