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Matte Lipstick, Cat Eyeliner, Contour and Highlight For Our Avis

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  1. Post 11
    Cami Yeun's Avatar
    Cami Yeun
    First Post: Jun 2009
    Posts: 1,111
    Love the lipsticks and the eyeliner!
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  2. Post 12
    Amethyst Hunter's Avatar
    Amethyst Hunter
    First Post: Mar 2012
    Posts: 325
    Adding on, I would want all of these options to be available for the two gender options. Some boys like makeup and it might be lots of fun for cute or boot players.

    I could see why contouring might not seem needed, because when you apply the dark red blush It kind of looks like contour, but we don't really have a dewy skin option which many people do like and want.

    The only really wearable lip colour is the red. It is a rich enough colour to balance out the ridiculous shine that the lipstick option has. The colours are pretty outdated, but i understand how someone who doesn't follow makeup trends could think we have plenty of colours. The highlight on all of these lipstick colours makes them stick out way to much and you can hardly see the actual colour itself, since our mouthes and faces are so small. Most of the female lip options have lipstick on them and I think the reason they're so unpopular and the natural lips are so popular is because the natural lips are matte. I think we should always be allowed options \_(ツ)_/
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  3. Post 13
    Scarlet Redfox
    First Post: Jul 2015
    Posts: 204
    Cat eyeliner <3
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  4. Post 14
    hotaru sama's Avatar
    hotaru sama
    First Post: Jul 2014
    Posts: 2,437
    Eyeliner is all we need, we already have the rest.
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  5. Post 15
    Amethyst Hunter's Avatar
    Amethyst Hunter
    First Post: Mar 2012
    Posts: 325
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  6. Post 16
    Shyla Smh
    First Post: Jun 2015
    Posts: 270
    we need the eyelinerrrrrrrrr !
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  7. Post 17
    Kimmyell SerenaSparkfire's Avatar
    Kimmyell SerenaSparkfire
    First Post: Jul 2015
    Posts: 156
    You literally took the words out of my mouth! I love everything and totally agree. But tbh we already have hilighting, just no contouring. ( I usually do that using a brozy, orangy blush looks amazing on my avi )
    But if you notice, when you put on medium foundation and heavy coverage it does have a slight hilighted affect. The light foundations does'nt tho. But yes, great idea. They really need to update those lip colors. Theres literally only 5 shades I think i would wear and they're all either some shade of pink or that bright red at the end.
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  8. Post 18
    Asia McSmall's Avatar
    Asia McSmall
    First Post: Jan 2011
    Posts: 131
    I love this idea! It would be nice if the faces could somehow have more dimension. I like the highlight and contour idea. There can be some set options to choose from, sort of like the foundation. I would love to have a little more color on my face. The eyeliner seems fun too. Maybe they can add some more eyebrow options too?
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  9. Post 19
    Sarah Lalala the 2nd's Avatar
    Sarah Lalala the 2nd
    First Post: Apr 2012
    Posts: 2,980
    Love these ideas <33
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  10. Post 20
    Sherry Blake the 4th's Avatar
    Sherry Blake the 4th
    First Post: Sep 2009
    Posts: 3,023
    The eyeliner for me is the only thing I consider good.

    As to the lips, we seemingly have enough colors as it as, plus not many people like to use lipstick. With that, it's unneeded to me.

    With the contouring, I don't think it's needed either. Foundation is good enough for a pixelated face on the game, and you can make your face seem contoured using certain blushes. It looks a bit fake too, and I think the top foundation we have is enough for that quality.
    I agree, except I love the eyeliner. We could possibly have the Egyptian type too.
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