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How Does The Ultimate Game Card Work On SmallWorlds? [FAQ]

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    Alexx Nitrogen's Avatar
    Alexx Nitrogen
    First Post: Jul 2009
    Posts: 3,841
    Ps. Were do you get these cards?
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    Piper Halliwell the 7th's Avatar
    Piper Halliwell the 7th
    First Post: Jan 2009
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    Ps. Were do you get these cards?
    Go here to check.
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    Isla Belle's Avatar
    Isla Belle
    First Post: Nov 2009
    Posts: 14
    Is anyone else having trouble redeeming there card? I go through all the directions untill I end up on the page that says enter your pin and add card, but it keeps saying " The information you have supplied is invalid. Please try again. It won't let me purchase anything?
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    Brice Page's Avatar
    Brice Page
    First Post: Dec 2009
    Posts: 1,494
    I need to get one of these.
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    Romance Spiker's Avatar
    Romance Spiker
    First Post: Jul 2009
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    It wasn't working but smallworlds fixed the issue. I was on yesterday till 5 in the morning waiting i got it going at 6! :v You have to click paypal then go to ultimate gamecard
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    Victoria Lemauni's Avatar
    Victoria Lemauni
    First Post: May 2010
    Posts: 3,676
    i used on of these for a different website i was on and all you have to do is click 'Ultimate Game Card' on the payment options and then redeem your code and you're pretty much done
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    Kiddy Simmy's Avatar
    Kiddy Simmy
    First Post: Apr 2010
    Posts: 324
    so the the card costs 50$$$!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pamelia Perkins's Avatar
    Pamelia Perkins
    First Post: Sep 2008
    Posts: 11,484
    Kiddy, the cards come in different $ increments. If they're too high for you in one store, try another. You can also use UltimatePay to pay, which includes being able to send cash through the mail. See the picture below:

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    Relentless Genocide's Avatar
    Relentless Genocide
    First Post: Aug 2010
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    if you have a balance on your game card how do u get to it
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    Pamelia Perkins's Avatar
    Pamelia Perkins
    First Post: Sep 2008
    Posts: 11,484
    When you go to use the card, it should show you what your balance is.
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