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  1. Post 1411
    Punky Chic the 4th's Avatar
    Punky Chic the 4th
    First Post: Apr 2013
    Posts: 85
    If I find an exploit that happens to my avatar will I be banned , for reporting it?
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  2. Post 1412
    Taliah Music's Avatar
    Taliah Music
    First Post: Aug 2013
    Posts: 10
    Thats cool, but its way too late for me!
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  3. Post 1413
    Tasos Chr's Avatar
    Tasos Chr
    First Post: Jul 2013
    Posts: 59
    As i can see,most ppl say they saw sb exploiting to get reward right? I dont even knw what exploit is btw,im talking bout the ones who tell that sb stole their stuff,its your business,ive also been scammed,the user (REMOVED NAME) scammed me as i trusted him and he stole my zoom alpha hover bike.Thats my business sw has nothing to do with it so deal with it!BTW:everyone knows most of u r lying
    Last edited by Sunny Team-SW; 09-20-2013 at 05:31 PM. Reason: Mod Notes: Removed name
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  4. Post 1414
    Sunny Team-SW's Avatar
    Sunny Team-SW
    SmallWorlds Moderator
    First Post: Oct 2010
    Posts: 22,187
    Tasos, report the behavior in world and not on the Forums. We have removed the name from your post. You would not appreciate if someone posted your name on the Forums claiming that you had scammed them. This is why you report behavior in world.

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  5. Post 1415
    Caitlyn Breezy
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 2
    Well I got my account banned and I really don't know why. I did nothing wrong. Is there anyway I can get it back? Please reply Smallworlds crew and/or Smallworlds support. Btw: It wasn't this account but if you can tell me what to do that would be helpful!
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  6. Post 1416
    Caitlyn Breezy
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 2
    I did email Smallworlds support and answered some questions but they haven't email back.... I don't know if I answered the questions incorrectly but I guess I forgot the right answer it would be nice if they emailed me back and I can prove my ownership. Please reply!!
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  7. Post 1417
    Navaeh Bainbrudge's Avatar
    Navaeh Bainbrudge
    First Post: Aug 2013
    Posts: 50
    There is a cheat going around and people are making youtube videos where you take all your clothing off in smallwear and then you try on three objects and take your photo on your profile. Then you wait a while and the clothes appear in your inventory. I am not sure if this works but people are also managing to add stuff like "And if this doesn't work for you email... (fake email) with your details and we will help"

    Another is when someone goes "Email _____ (fake email) with your password only, not email, and tell how much gold you want and you will get it" which is scamming because they get people to send their passwords and not emails but when you email them your password; they have your email anyway. I have seen this happen or people say this so many times and although there probably isn't a way to stop it; you might be able to take suggestions from people on how to reduce it.

    Other than not give out details of course.
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  8. Post 1418
    Live Yourdreams's Avatar
    Live Yourdreams
    First Post: Jun 2008
    Posts: 6,396
    ^ Those aren't cheats, those are phishing attempts - they're trying to trick you into giving out your login details so they can login to your account and steal your stuff.
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  9. Post 1419
    Connie Ingram's Avatar
    Connie Ingram
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 336
    Is it reportable if a player holding a door in space jump??
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  10. Post 1420
    Dog Rocks's Avatar
    Dog Rocks
    First Post: Mar 2010
    Posts: 133
    my post has bin taking down i sent a email now about the problem with gamming machines an have before an nothing was done but i sent another mail just now i could care less about the reward i just want it to be fair foreveryone an for farmers to put alot of time watering an harvesting only to have some scammer to buy up all token seeds an place at 2 gold for pages an pages is really unfair to alot ppl
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