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Harlem High School - fan page & suggestions

  1. Post 1451
    Ryan Shaw the 8th's Avatar
    Ryan Shaw the 8th
    First Post: Apr 2012
    Posts: 1
    can I be a tacher plz
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  2. Post 1452
    Stacei Mason's Avatar
    Stacei Mason
    First Post: Apr 2012
    Posts: 1
    Hi i wanna be a teacher
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  3. Post 1453
    Christyaina Jones's Avatar
    Christyaina Jones
    First Post: Mar 2012
    Posts: 3


    Last edited by 9362676; 06-06-2012 at 08:57 PM. Reason: Mod Notes: Edited for language, read the forums guidelines
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  4. Post 1454
    Rosa Lips's Avatar
    Rosa Lips
    First Post: Mar 2012
    Posts: 2
    oh it looks like an good school
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  5. Post 1455
    Pj Shady the 3rd
    First Post: May 2012
    Posts: 1
    i like to eat
    Last edited by 13226286; 06-03-2012 at 04:03 PM. Reason: lol
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  6. Post 1456
    Caley Star's Avatar
    Caley Star
    First Post: Mar 2012
    Posts: 1
    coolthis isdfksngfonaklrnkl;smnf ;lgfnfdgkmermng
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  7. Post 1457
    Alice Snow the 12th's Avatar
    Alice Snow the 12th
    First Post: May 2010
    Posts: 1
    im a student and I just wanna ask if you could put a serperate bathrrom
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  8. Post 1458
    Anhelica Vaughn's Avatar
    Anhelica Vaughn
    First Post: May 2012
    Posts: 1
    hi im new to school
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  9. Post 1459
    Kayla Smith the 325th's Avatar
    Kayla Smith the 325th
    First Post: Apr 2012
    Posts: 1
    i love harlem high school im a cheerleader there it is so amazing
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  10. Post 1460
    Jazzy Serrano's Avatar
    Jazzy Serrano
    First Post: May 2012
    Posts: 1
    i am loving the new look and wanting to answer all of the qestions my best that you have here for me
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