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Welcome to Smallworlds - Smallworlds 101

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    Matt Lawrence the 10th's Avatar
    Matt Lawrence the 10th
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 4,340
    Smallworlds 101 - Surviving the road ahead.
    Welcome To The 3D virtual world which runs inside your browser.
    Below On this thread made on 1/6/12 will show you the basic's of the forum, and smallworlds in general.
    Anything that looks like this: See this example? On the thread below, is a Hyper-link And can be clicked on to view the information im talking about.
    Now lets Get Started!

    Section 1 - Making friends!
    I suppose your new here, and dont have much friends, and im sure your looking to make some.

    Ways to make friends:

    - Being nice & Respectful to the other person
    - Not asking for there stuff
    - JUST being friends, not Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, ETC!
    - Being yourself, and no one special to anyone

    Ways not to make friends:

    - Beg For Tokens / Gold / Items Or anything else!
    - Tawlk Lwike A Bwaby ( Talk like a baby ) While it is allowed, its often frowned upon and it probably wont get you much friends to share the fun smallworlds experience with!
    - Be someone your not... Don't tell me one thing then say something else! Thats just not cool, Im 15, and jobless, then 20 days later your 27 and on the cover of forbes.

    Follow some of the tips, and you'll have so many friend requests, it'll take days to accept them all !

    Psst: By the way, I diddnt forget you were new! Try The Queen Of hearts dating club to meet new people! Always filled with a variety of people to be-friend! Or check other popular spaces!

    Section 2 - Begging!

    What Is Begging?

    Begging is asking for anything for the return of nothing.
    " Can I have some tokens/gold/items please im poor "

    Going back to section 1, begging is Most likely not going to get anyone to welcome you here in smallworlds.
    If you want Tokens, Here are a few ways:

    Ways to get tokens:

    Missions - Sounds interesting does it not? Well you guessed it right if you thought it did. Missions can be made by anyone, including you! They then can be played by any of the millions of players in smallworlds!
    Missions Can be Funny Silly Strange Cool Sad Confusing And sometimes, you'll find one thats just plain bad, exploiting , hurtful or offending, and annoying

    If your looking for missions, i recommend you look on the missions tab on the bottom of your screen inside smallworlds itself!
    Here are a few missions on a side note, just in-case your having trouble finding, or getting to the other missions, Just go ahead and click here to view some awesome and creative missions.

    Jobs - There are some legit jobs on smallworlds, like advertising, website staff for maybe a fansite, or something else like space decoration jobs that you could get yourself involved in, but make sure your not joining a scam job.

    Whats a scam job you may ask...?
    Now when we want something in life, we pay for it.. We Dont want jobs in life, but in virtual life, that we might find entertaining, and quite fun.
    In jobs, You Get Payed You Dont Pay the Business Owner Or manager Make sure your not paying to get in to a job, Only make sure your getting paid if thats what they say would happen.

    Make sure if you decide to job hunt, that you are getting, rather giving.
    You might earn some decent tokens!

    Art & Sculpting

    Now here in smallworlds , The Amazing crew in NZ, Have given us numerous ways to express our self's. Inside smallworlds
    you will find many sculpting widgets, and art boards for sale in the catalog of smallworlds, or in shops. Sculpting and art Design is a BIG Organization in smallworlds! People are always buying those types of things, And making or putting in custom orders of there own! I think if you gave sculpting a try, it wouldn't let you down..
    Click here to learn more about sculpting, and Click here to learn about copying your sculptures!

    Looking to buy art rather then Sell, Check this out!

    Dont forget to scroll down on those important threads!

    Section 3 - Ways To Earn Gold!

    Now before you say, " Im never good at virtual games and earning the hard currency to get " Well let me tell you something.

    My name is Matt, Im a human just like you!
    I joined in 2008, However i took the choice to make a new account and start fresh.
    I never spent a dime on this game, And i have 181 CL, And Millions of tokens, and plenty of gold. I spent 40$ On this game, However, that was after i already had everything!

    Hard work and dedication will get you ANYTHING you put your mind too!

    The Factory

    Well, At the factory you can earn gold!

    You can:

    () Watch Videos!
    () Do surveys!
    () Download Games!
    () Like Facebook Pages!
    () Do a Quiz!
    () And Much, Much More!

    NO! Not all of them cost! Some are 100% free!

    Don't Get Dis-Appointed if you don't find one for that much gold, because gold is gold, and it it will all add up to be a big juicy amount of gold!

    Click here to visit the factory!

    Golden Video bots

    So you say your to busy For the Factory?
    That's fine. Golden video bots can earn you 100 + Gold DAILY!
    Just purchase it off the catalog, and watch videos to earn its only 100 tokens, or 10 gold, Cheap to buy, free to earn.
    Heres how to find it:

    Follow the steps 1 -5 to start earning!

    And of course

    Buying Gold

    Its pretty obvious that company's like smallworlds will allow there players to buy Gold with money!

    Theres a few ways to do it though.. Read carefully.

    Are you under 18? Parents(s) / guardian(s) Want to get something on smallworlds for you, but are un-sure about putting there Credit card online? Understandable!

    Here are a few ways to get goodies in smallworlds with either hard work, or via giftcards!

    () Ultimate game card - Well, Ultimate game cards are what they sound like.. Game cards.. They can be used like any other gift card! Just buy one at your local store / gas station / super market, and use the activation code on the back to enter in to the smallworlds store for the redemption value of the card!

    Lookin' to buy VIP?

    " i want to be vip, but its kind of expensive "

    Remember early how i said hard work pays off, well then if you do, remember that if you earn gold, you can be VIP! , Vip is able to be purchased by gold! You can get up to 12 months vip in gold! - Same as if in real money!
    OR.. You can even look one step above.

    Most of you are 13 - 17 If your reading up on ways to get it without a credit card, so i know most of you have Cellular phones!
    Well you can also pay by phone!
    Just enter your phone number, and the fee will be added to your phone bill!

    Notice: Must have parents permission, They work hard for you and do not disrespect them by using there money without the consent.

    Heres a picture of what you should be seeing:


    Now we all know there's them 5% to good parents out there, so parents and kids, im here to tell you Smallworlds is trustable take my word or not, but If you do choose to pay by credit card, Just select that payment plan upon selecting what you wish to buy! ( Do not pick a pay with gold bundle to buy with a credit card, it isnt possible, find the Credit card Version )

    Goodluck on your Game Cards, And Plastic card adventures!

    On a side note, Its very important that if your card is not working you contact the card provider rather then smallworlds

    Click here on more about that.

    Section 4 - Smallworlds Staff!

    Much of you are new, so dont know much about our staff!

    Well, Thats under-standable!

    " I bet there just like other game's staff "

    If i hear you say this, then you deff Will NOT be making my friends list! They work very hard to insure our happiness, just some times overlook what we want.

    Our staff is very interactive and on-going with our small community and family.

    They talk, interact, add people, and even show us whats up in there lives as a smallworlds worker! Keep an eye out in Battle Monkey zone And General Discussion for on-going staff updates!

    If your looking for just news, Might want to check our news area.

    Heres a list of some frequently known staff members to get you started!

    Mitch Olson: Smallworlds Founder.
    Darren Green: A Smallworlds Founder.
    Battle Monkey: SmallWorlds Community Services Manager.
    Vince Gee: Smallworlds Development team
    Coco Smallworlds: What you will see her doing is delivering us clothes, Clothes contest, or fashion ideas.

    Who is dan smallworlds?!?!?!

    Dan smallworlds is a smallworlds crew member used by multiple members of the smallworlds crew. He is Not one individual himself, but a team as a whole. It could be any of the above people, or someone else! ( Mystery! ) Sometimes they might even tell you which one they are! Dan smallworlds is's Mascot!

    We might not ever know what lies ahead his password protected space.
    R.I.P Goldy Team-Sw who unexpectedly vanished after almost revealing the password.

    Goodluck meeting and be coming friends with staff!

    Just kidding, Heres how you know there staff!

    Well, if you on the forums, its a no brainer!

    Under neath there name they will either have

    Smallworlds Crew
    Smallworlds Moderator

    This indicates they are one of the above.

    In world ( I doubt you'll ever see a moderator or helper in world, but )

    Moderators were a golden cape, they glow, and wear a circled M over they're head, and a circled M on there capes There social will be 800.

    Helpers wear a golden cape, they glow, and wear a circled + sign over there head and a Circled + Sign on there capes, they are social level 700.

    Smallworlds crew will be wearing Anything you can think of, but will often have high levels, valuable items, nice amount of citizen level, and There social will be 900.

    Dont be confused!

    they dont have to have those things to be crew! Any 700, 800, or 900 Social person, is one of the above!

    If you see someone without the Social level, claiming to be staff, Simply Report the player for impersonation!

    Dont Be a impersonator yourself! because they are likely banned and that will mean you could end up banned, and it is also frowned upon!

    Want to be on the smallworlds team? Read this!

    As well, there are some Requirements To being on there team, which one is being 18+ , So don't try if your not, and besides, if your new, you must wait a few months anyway, just click the hyper-linked word above to read more requirements.

    Staff Social Accounts

    Some smallworlds staff social accounts are legit, while some are just impersonations, CLICK HERE to view the true and legit social networking profiles of smallworlds staff posted by the team its self, Any other ones should be reported so facebook, twitter, google plus, or instagram can take action!

    Section 5 - Reporting!

    Reporting is a big deal, and will be picked up by a moderator for review.. If you see something bad in the game, then you should probably report it, and might want to avoid getting reported yourself.. Click here on more about reporting.

    Section 6 - Help!

    Well, This is certainly alot of help to new players, but something un-common going on in the game, or need a quick question answered?

    Well, we know that some sections get faster answers then others, however, here are the things you need to know!

    Technical issues - If something is broken or not working right you need to report it here, not spam support, report feature, or any other forum sections, you dont need to spam this forum section either, once gets the message and job done.

    How to - Have a question you feel has a common ask ratio? or feel that its taking someone to long to help you!

    Use the how to section to see if a staff or crew member has done a tutorial or help thread on the subject.

    Questions & Answers - Psst, Need help fast, Post it here and seek the answers of players and trusted moderators!

    Section 7 - Cyber Bulling!

    Now here in smallworlds, we know we want to fit in with our friends, but thats no reason to cyber bully. Cyber bullying is taken very seriously now a - days, and could get you in bigger trouble then you think.

    Think your cool with your virtual guns and all? Think again dude! If someone tells you to stop, just do it.. Thats harassment and very well will get you in trouble, fights are fun and all, but not when we dont want them..

    Read more on that situation here.

    not only is it magic harassment, but if some body trusts you with a bit of personal information, which shouldn't be done in the first place, whether you know the person, or not, you dont spread that over the internet, quit trying to ruin there online gaming fun...

    Section 8 - Getting Banned!

    A lot of times when a player is banned, they come on the forums complaining about it, however that just takes more time when you could be figuring out what happend. See, when you are banned, the registered email for your smallworlds account receives the reason in which you were banned. ( e.x ) If you got banned, you would get an email Stating why, how long, and how to appeal it if you believe your seeing this by mistake. DO NOT put this on the forums PLEASE Us other players really hate seeing this stuff on the forums, it just takes up room, its annoying, and we know it will be closed anyways!

    Section 9 - Smallworlds Official Emails!

    A lot of times people may say:

    " Hey bro, Send your email and password to And Ill Credit your account with money / vip / etc. "

    This however, is sadly on your part NOT true.

    Smallworlds will NEVER Ask for a password From you.

    Here are the only email address's you should discuss your account with, Dis-Regarding of course the password.

    If it has <> Its good to trust!

    Make sure you avoid giving it to ANYONE Else that claims that something else is the smallworlds emails!

    Support @ Sw - This email is to contact them about anything you need in general and need support with, like all major companys with support!

    Payment @ Sw - Something not going your way with your payment plans, or need to cancel or its not canceling? Payment can help with that.

    Appeal @ Sw - Got Banned? ( again... ) Appeal your ban. Which is Checking it out and getting it corrected if it may be a mistake!

    Other than that, if you choose to join in non-related smallworlds sites, or fansites, make sure you register with a different email or password then your smallworlds one, and if you need help on there site remember they cant help you with smallworlds, so dont give them your password either.

    Section 11 - Welcome to smallworlds END!

    Now that you know the basics, ive done the honor of completing a list of other cool forums on the smallworlds forums you might want to get involved with.





    Your bound to find friends there.

    If your Looking For More help Then Heres one more Space to check:

    Smallworlds FAQ & HELP

    Please, Please, please, Play this mission on scammers! - It will help you get started..

    As well read this Online Safety Guide.

    And thats all i have for you on helpful notes.

    Now on a help to me note..

    See a Invalid Link? Error, In-Correct statement? Dont hesitate to correct me, or suggest more info to put.

    BookMark it, and give your review.

    Note To Staff, Moderators, And the community and general:

    There are many threads like it, but this one is mine...
    If you feel the need to merge my 5 hours of work i certainly wouldnt mind because i understand... But this contains really different Information Then you usually will find on these threads!


    How can i get back to the smallworlds forums when i get on my community?

    Thank you all for reading, hope some was useful, feel free to Dis-like, or like, it wont offend me, Again, please correct me if im wrong.
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  2. Post 2
    Lost Update
    First Post: Sep 2008
    Posts: 914
    There are many threads like it, but this one is mine...
    Then you should know that this thread will end up being merged.

    Even though this thread is some-what useful, it still doesn't have all the information you can get from the SmallWorlds official pages.
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    Matt Lawrence the 10th's Avatar
    Matt Lawrence the 10th
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 4,340
    We have the privelage to make threads..

    This is almost completly different then all other threads, and covers mostly different stuff, therefore its different, not the same, they can merge it, but this one is mine. I was bored and i made it.
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  4. Post 4
    Chaotic Dragon
    First Post: Dec 2012
    Posts: 1,590
    this seems very useful
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  5. Post 5
    Lost Update
    First Post: Sep 2008
    Posts: 914
    This is almost completly different then all other threads, and covers mostly different stuff, therefore its different, not the same, they can merge it, but this one is mine. I was bored and i made it.
    It isn't different in terms of the content provided, it is just described a little different. It is informative, but there are many of these threads already. The SmallWorlds own made ones are much more informative, and are updated regularly.

    Let's say everyone who uses the forums wanted to create one and make it "different", that's all we'd see in general.
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    Matt Lawrence the 10th's Avatar
    Matt Lawrence the 10th
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 4,340
    Oh and angry, i dont see them explaining how you can meet people, get friends, were to meet some nice people.. and this is way simple and easy

    @the rev, thanks

    @ angry, thanks for the opinion, i welcomed them and got them. I appreciate your feedback. And no, they arent updated regulary but they are SOMETIMES on a good occasion updated
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  7. Post 7
    Lost Update
    First Post: Sep 2008
    Posts: 914
    That is the only thing "added on", your list. Those things aren't always the way to get friends either. Just socialize, and you'll make some friends with the same interests. Your "don't do" list for making friends is also untrue, roleplayers will make friends with other roleplayers, daters will too. People who play house will also migrate with each other.

    Your way is for the people who do not do these things, and are more mature.
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  8. Post 8
    Matt Lawrence the 10th's Avatar
    Matt Lawrence the 10th
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 4,340
    1) you obviously dont like my thread, so we dont need to bump it up, add add. feed back to your main post.
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  9. Post 9
    Lost Update
    First Post: Sep 2008
    Posts: 914
    Matt, I have no edit button after 5 minutes No one does, which is why I cannot do that.

    Your thread is good, but I just feel it wasn't needed.
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    Forever Everlasting's Avatar
    Forever Everlasting
    First Post: Sep 2010
    Posts: 4,856
    Ways to make friends:

    - Being nice & Respectful to the other person
    - Not asking for there stuff
    - JUST being friends, not Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, ETC!
    - Being yourself, and no one special to anyone
    Not that easy unfortunately T^T
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