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How do i unban my account

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    Emma Moonstone the 13th
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    i have this account that has been banned for a while now but i didnt do anything wrong the only reason it is banned is because some one was hacking me and i had to keep reporting it to get them off now it is banned and i really want it back
    i dont even know who it was and i never gave anyone my email and pass
    please help me i would like it back as i had purchased gold and other things on it that i would like back please get back to me
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    Players will claim they had their account "hacked" when the correct term is "compromised." There are several ways an account can be compromised.

    We have always advised that you should never share your password and login email with anyone. Problem is that people will build trust with someone and share that information only to find out that the account was more valuable then the friendship.

    Please see the following thread for details on how to protect yourself. Remember you need to take the ownership to protect your account. This means not sharing your email address and not making your email address public that everyone can see on a Social Network.

    If you need an account restored, please contact support@smallworlds.com.

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