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Kudos Rewards are Coming! NEW UPDATE!

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    Ruby Rush's Avatar
    Ruby Rush
    SmallWorlds Crew
    First Post: Dec 2010
    Posts: 652
    Dear SmallWorlds citizens,

    Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to improve SmallWorlds.

    The games that survive and thrive in this industry are the ones that change and adapt, rather than standing still. The first exciting change we're making is our soon-to-launch new website and forums. We're also bringing out a fantastic new e-magazine called First Post (replacing the Chronicle newspaper), and you'll be able to access both First Post and the Forums via your mobile devices!

    The Loyalty Challenge Will Be Replaced with Kudos Rewards

    As we’ve already announced, the Loyalty Challenge will soon be replaced with new Kudos Rewards. These will work much like the current Loyalty Challenge, but with some important differences.

    The current Loyalty Challenge is overly complicated, difficult to understand, and not accessible enough for most players. Kudos Rewards will be simpler and more accessible, and you'll be able to earn Kudos Points by doing loads more things, including sculpting and crafting!

    Instead of a Gold payout, you'll now get XP rewards when you complete each week's Kudos. These rewards will be granted irrespective of the XP cap, so on the day you get your reward, you'll still be able to earn your regular XP. On the fourth week you complete Kudos, you'll get a Kudos Item reward. Collect all three in a Kudos series, and you'll be able to combobulate them for an extra-special reward, just as you do now for the Loyalty Challenge.

    NEW UPDATE: VIP’s receive Double Kudos Points!

    One of the benefits of the new Kudos Rewards programme that we’d like to announce before the new update, is this: all VIP members will receive Double Kudos Points! That means that it will be twice-as-easy for VIP members to earn Kudos points, and to get their Kudos Reward item! There’s lots of other ways we’ll be adding value to VIP membership, and we’ll be announcing those to you soon.

    The Real-World Facts: We’re a Business

    We know that the loss of Loyalty Gold will be an unpopular move for some of you. However, our top priority is to ensure we can continue creating this great game for you. Giving away virtual money (which, when you are a business, actually means real money) makes it harder for us to continue to deliver quality content. That’s exactly why no other games do it. We've been generous and held on to the idea for as long as we could. SmallWorlds may be a virtual world, but it is created and run in the real world.

    The Game Remains the Same... But it's Getting a Facelift!

    The new site, with our cool new e-magazine and forums, and all the exciting new plans we have up our sleeves means that SmallWorlds will soon be dressing differently. You wouldn’t pick just one outfit for your SmallWorlds avatar and never change it, right? We're super excited to be getting a new wardrobe for the website and the forums, and we’re rocking the new style!

    At it's heart, SmallWorlds will always remain the game where you belong - we're so glad to have you with us!

    Ruby Rush

    Updated post by Ruby on page 36.

    Hello All,

    We at SWHQ are reading this thread and want to thank you for caring about SmallWorlds and adding in your responses.

    In response to those who are requesting we reverse the changes we're about to make to our rewards programme: We realise that there are aspects of these changes that feel really difficult to some of you, and they are going to go ahead. Please do check our Terms of Service if would feel you'd like to.

    The new XP payout system we've implemented means we can reward you with Experience Points rather than Gold. This will benefit the economy overall, enable us to more robustly run our business, and therefore enable us to continue to provide you with the game you love.

    ~ Ruby Rush
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  2. Post 2
    Cory Willows
    First Post: Feb 2013
    Posts: 346
    I think it is a good step to improving the game.
    Last edited by 15341846; 04-15-2013 at 03:55 PM. Reason: I Support This Decision
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    Jordan Nicole the 23rd's Avatar
    Jordan Nicole the 23rd
    First Post: Nov 2008
    Posts: 74
    No gold Payout? :x darn..
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  4. Post 4
    Slim Tea's Avatar
    Slim Tea
    First Post: Jul 2010
    Posts: 450
    What no more gold o.0 why am i a vip member then -_-

    Third post :v
    Last edited by 8335611; 04-10-2013 at 05:46 PM. Reason: hehe
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  5. Post 5
    Andrew Andreson the 20th
    First Post: Jan 2012
    Posts: 837
    Sounds Neat But why no more gold payout?
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  6. Post 6
    Cory Willows
    First Post: Feb 2013
    Posts: 346
    Post your thoughts on the new system below.
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  7. Post 7
    Riley Marttin's Avatar
    Riley Marttin
    First Post: May 2009
    Posts: 2,545
    I wonder what icon will replace the gems
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  8. Post 8
    Travis Lewis the 4th's Avatar
    Travis Lewis the 4th
    First Post: Dec 2010
    Posts: 596

    Lil, bit mad.. No gold? This is what I usually get gold from!
    Last edited by 9972969; 04-10-2013 at 05:50 PM.
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  9. Post 9
    Cathy Canuck's Avatar
    Cathy Canuck
    First Post: Sep 2008
    Posts: 2,819
    NO way to make gold. How sad. So disappointing
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  10. Post 10
    Jordan Nicole the 23rd's Avatar
    Jordan Nicole the 23rd
    First Post: Nov 2008
    Posts: 74
    While I'm bummed about not receiving loyalty gold, I'm really interested in this new "Kudos" system.
    Last edited by 277572; 04-11-2013 at 07:31 PM.
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