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Puzzleworth Manor Mission guide

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  1. Post 1
    Ashlee Jones the 12th's Avatar
    Ashlee Jones the 12th
    First Post: Jun 2012
    Posts: 1
    Hi Guys. Apparently, I really love missions in Smallworlds and I love playing them. So I'm going to show a guide to SW mission. I'm gonna start with PUZZLEWORTH'S MANOR.

    You arrive at Puzzleworth's manor. You enter the manor. You talk to Mr. Puzzleworth. After done talking, you have to solve the puzzle in the dining room. Go to the dining room(left), and click the magnifiying glass . The puzzle is; you have to find the question marks (?). It's really easy and you really don't have to have a keen eye for that. Now head to the backyard. Click the floating ladybug, and you'll play 'spot-the-difference' game. Any possible differences are the moon, star on the tree, hand holding snowball, loose nail, etc.. After that, go to the kitchen and click the cake. Click 'eat' after that, Puzzleworth will trap you. And are you trapped forever? NO. Go to the little room on the left, and click the puzzle piece to solve the puzzle. It takes time, but it only took me about 7 minutes to finish it. The puzzle is two parents with their child. Mom (left), Child (middle), and dad (right). I think the kid is Mr. Puzzleworth. After that, you'll be teleported to the foyer. You'll talk to Mr. Puzzleworth. After that, you'll be rewarded with a wooden puzzle. I'm sorry if there's no pictures. I will do a better one with pictures. And stay tuned for the part 2 guide!
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  2. Post 2
    Danisha Cartrer
    First Post: Aug 2012
    Posts: 5
    This Did not help at all. I thupiuoldfnsdoh fhsdinfiodsnfldsjfklds fdiofhndionfdnf.
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  3. Post 3
    Danisha Cartrer
    First Post: Aug 2012
    Posts: 5
    I'm Sorry...My Dog. Anyways, I Was hoping that you would tell Exactly WHERE The marks are rather than what you have explained. ☻♥☻☻☺♦
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  4. Post 4
    Rebecca Muller's Avatar
    Rebecca Muller
    First Post: Feb 2010
    Posts: 4
    I need to know the Guide for the Puzzleworth Childhood House mission pleaseeeee someone help meee .
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  5. Post 5
    Jordon Likehart's Avatar
    Jordon Likehart
    First Post: Jul 2012
    Posts: 19
    where is the cake??????
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  6. Post 6
    Kiki VanSant's Avatar
    Kiki VanSant
    First Post: Nov 2013
    Posts: 37
    Didn't help...........
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  7. Post 7
    Sujindah Angel
    First Post: Nov 2013
    Posts: 60
    omg, i ned to past the ladybug one can someone help!?
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  8. Post 8
    Kyla Prattis's Avatar
    Kyla Prattis
    First Post: Aug 2013
    Posts: 92
    I should have seen this mission guide before I completed the mission. It was nice getting the puzzle.
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  9. Post 9
    Heba Obaideen the 2nd's Avatar
    Heba Obaideen the 2nd
    First Post: Jan 2015
    Posts: 3
    Do you know anything about how to get puzzle worth three??
    Last edited by Heba Obaideen the 2nd; 02-05-2015 at 06:57 PM.
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  10. Post 10
    Live Yourdreams's Avatar
    Live Yourdreams
    First Post: Jun 2008
    Posts: 6,457
    Do you know anything about how to get puzzle worth three??
    They haven't created it yet.
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