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VIP, Gold, Prices >>>LoOk<<<

  1. Post 1
    Electric Roleplayer
    First Post: Jan 2011
    Posts: 50
    VIP, Gold, Prices! >>>>READ<<<<
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________


    The other day, I was thinking. VIP
    is so expensive whether you buy it with gold or buy it with money!
    We need to see if SmallWorlds will lower these prices. If SmallWorlds lowered the prices of their gold cost,
    the cause for them would be more happy players and more moola for them. Even if it was like in the months
    Janurary, April, July, October, and December they would get a lot more buys of the gold packages. I mean, I
    kind've expect more from 4-64 dollars.

    Gold for CL:

    I have been wanting SmallWorlds to do a VIP discount for the *Gold for VIP* thing in "Store". Where you can buy VIP/CL with gold. But these prices are jacked up (like the prices of gasoline in the US). If you have a
    VIP membership, you should have to only pay 3000-3500 gold for 9 CL. The 4 CL would be around 500-1000
    gold. I just think since people like me have played this game for such a long time and invested in the game
    alot, we should get a quite big discount on the Gold for VIP.

    ~2008 Player (Changed Accounts)

    Please take this into consideration.
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  2. Post 2
    safire cuite's Avatar
    safire cuite
    First Post: Oct 2013
    Posts: 1
    hello i need gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Post 3
    Erza ScarIet
    First Post: Oct 2013
    Posts: 236
    Disagree with all of your suggestions. I don't think the prices are outrageous at all, and I don't think they need to add a VIP discount for buying VIP with gold.
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  4. Post 4
    Pancake Mix the 4th
    First Post: Aug 2009
    Posts: 187
    I agree strongly, prices are fine as they are.
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  5. Post 5
    Layla Trillx's Avatar
    Layla Trillx
    First Post: Oct 2013
    Posts: 18
    Prices are fine to me, More of like they need to lower the costs of ultimate gamecards in stores, $20 is Okay, But i think they should have one for $10 Aswell. Like for 2,000- 5,000 Gold. Plus a $20 one for the others. Pretty good ideas, But not really on topic. Just suggesting
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  6. Post 6
    Pancake Mix the 4th
    First Post: Aug 2009
    Posts: 187

    There are websites which allow you to buy $5, $10, $15, $20, $50 and $100 ultimate gamecards.
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  7. Post 7
    Queen Jasmmine
    First Post: Dec 2010
    Posts: 177
    I think smallworlds is fine. But I think they should make Gold for vip 1000 gold, not 1500
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  8. Post 8
    Athena Lovely's Avatar
    Athena Lovely
    First Post: Oct 2012
    Posts: 968
    The prices are okay. If vip prices were lowered, smallworlds would make less money, and also there would be a huge amount on vips.
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  9. Post 9
    chelsa lowdown's Avatar
    chelsa lowdown
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 2
    I think the prices are fine and If you lower the prices then smallworlds would not be a fun popular game anymroe. Smallworlds is fine as it is and there should be no changes to it or else there would be millions of V.I.P playing this game and chatting which is not wrong but you would be out of business if yall lowered the gold prices for V.I.P and I think you guys should just leave smallworld as it is no changes. just giving Ideas. Also it would take a long time for you guys to upgrade the game even more then what it is now and it would take a long time for you guys to get rich with money.

    -Chelsa Lowdown
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  10. Post 10
    Jackal Queenston's Avatar
    Jackal Queenston
    First Post: Mar 2014
    Posts: 154
    The prices are pretty normal and actually better than most online games. The prices are good as they are.
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