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No gold from offers :(

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  1. Post 1
    Mia Blackhart the 2nd's Avatar
    Mia Blackhart the 2nd
    First Post: May 2013
    Posts: 15
    I've done about 3 offers all for around 400 gold, and the gold isn't there. One was an installation one, am I supposed to keep it for a set amount of time? I uninstalled after the gold didn't appear after 15 minutes. Another one was a survey, I did all forms of survey I saw on that site, and there was no gold! The other one I can't remember the type, but I do rememer I got nothing for it! Can someone explain or share their stories please
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  2. Post 2
    Verionica Menard's Avatar
    Verionica Menard
    First Post: Jul 2011
    Posts: 27
    Same thing i earned about 50 golds and the gold didnt come soi waited about 20 minutes and it till wasnt there! i think i might quite smallworlds cause theres many more problems than just this smallworlds just isnt the same anymore
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  3. Post 3
    Sunny Team-SW's Avatar
    Sunny Team-SW
    SmallWorlds Moderator
    First Post: Oct 2010
    Posts: 22,663
    Mia and Verionica, make sure you fill out a missing gold report with the offer provider that you completed the offer with. If you still do not hear back about your gold, follow up with an email to the provider. Here is a link with additional details. to help you.

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  4. Post 4
    Furyfire Norman
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 64
    Sunny How long will it take because I've been waiting for the gold for over 12hrs Please reply quickly
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  5. Post 5
    Night Mare the 24th's Avatar
    Night Mare the 24th
    First Post: Feb 2011
    Posts: 2,402
    You have to contact them.
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  6. Post 6
    Makenna Bellview
    First Post: Oct 2012
    Posts: 6
    I have been waiting around 3 days, and I did submit a report. I made sure nothing was wrong, and I wasn't blocking any third party cookies. I did two offers for 2,295 gold!
    Makenna Bellview is offline
  7. Post 7
    Gadeer Cutie
    First Post: Mar 2013
    Posts: 263
    Calm down guys. See this is probably why I don't do offers. Wanna hear a bright idea? Watch videos because the gold actually does come. I also have a question for a mod...When will the next update be? I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you!
    Gadeer Cutie is offline
  8. Post 8
    moepojgopj addsadad's Avatar
    moepojgopj addsadad
    First Post: May 2013
    Posts: 481
    Yeah, I might have to mail my provider also.
    moepojgopj addsadad is offline
  9. Post 9
    Skyler Marshmellows's Avatar
    Skyler Marshmellows
    First Post: May 2013
    Posts: 16
    The same thing happened to me! I tried it 4 times but it still wouldn't work!
    Skyler Marshmellows is offline
  10. Post 10
    Ariel Posh's Avatar
    Ariel Posh
    First Post: May 2013
    Posts: 129
    I did 6 offers around 1k gold and didn't get anything. I completed the offers.
    Ariel Posh is offline
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