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Closed Thread
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  1. Post 181
    Phoenix Renaissance's Avatar
    Phoenix Renaissance
    First Post: Aug 2009
    Posts: 633
    Thanks, Smallworlds! A very much appreciated change
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  2. Post 182
    Maya Saran's Avatar
    Maya Saran
    First Post: Mar 2010
    Posts: 162
    It is possible for someone to get years of VIP without paying a red cent to SW just as it is possible for a Standard citizen to spend thousands of dollars on gold and rare item packages only.
    @Adriella: I agree with you on that. Maybe that is a mistake Smallwords made years ago already, they should have given extra benefits only to those people who really supported the site by spending real cash. Especially the gold payout we used to get for loyalty challenge, it was probably a mistake to give it to both paying and non-paying vips, but oh well, it's to late for that now.
    Although I still donít understand the standard citizens who have enough money to pay thousands of dollars on gold and rare item packages as you said above, and then complain about not being vip? Why didnít they just spent some of their money or gold on vip then, instead of moaning and complaining about the benefits vips get and they don't?
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  3. Post 183
    Kim Lionheart's Avatar
    Kim Lionheart
    First Post: Jul 2012
    Posts: 8
    Bobz... Interesting.
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  4. Post 184
    Ifound peace
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 4,344
    i hope the xp thing happens soon!
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  5. Post 185
    Konata Izumii
    First Post: Apr 2011
    Posts: 672
    ∑ Extending the daily XP Cap for VIP Ė an exclusive VIP-only benefit!

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  6. Post 186
    Saiyan God's Avatar
    Saiyan God
    First Post: Apr 2009
    Posts: 9
    this will be a good step forward for smallworlds but citezen lvls are getting harder to earn for the non-vips
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  7. Post 187
    Bugdozer Vmk's Avatar
    Bugdozer Vmk
    First Post: Jun 2008
    Posts: 4,491
    Been gone 10 days on vacation- finally caught up on this thread...

    Just like any other game the goal is to make money and sustain the game. I think people should be happy they can buy VIP with gold. In doing that you could earn enough gold and become VIP without having to pay any real money for it or pay with real money for gold. I am surprised they have kept this option of buying it with gold.

    They know they need to start enticing people to want to become VIP and I bet we will see more things like this to come. Not sure why some non VIP are against it when it is not that difficult to get it. Many games run like this.
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  8. Post 188
    Luke Shreve
    First Post: Jun 2010
    Posts: 2,849
    Thank god , the xp cap is so low at 1000 esepecially now that it only takes 4 missions a day!!!

    There shouldn't even be a cap , what other game limits it's vip players to how much xp they can earn to better them selves. But good on you guys that maybe you noticed this as a problem. The daily limit should easily be 10 000
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  9. Post 189
    Sasha Wolf the 10th's Avatar
    Sasha Wolf the 10th
    First Post: Apr 2012
    Posts: 45
    I can't wait
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  10. Post 190
    Geert Wednesday's Avatar
    Geert Wednesday
    First Post: Apr 2013
    Posts: 32
    I'd like SmallWorlds HQ to solve bugs first.
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Closed Thread
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