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  1. Post 21
    Nefoili Arugne
    First Post: Dec 2010
    Posts: 28

    Smallworlds is all about making friends and enjoying what you got and we all know that Sea Side does the job. They buy high prices and sell very low all of my wears and all what i have sold is been at sea side as the hard working owners do the job. Now i go on to the lovely hard working owners which i know no are speechless of there work... There work is so special and even them self are great people, They always online that helps all the time and they are always replying and never ignore.
    All there hard work is put in decoration, friends, helping people out and much more. The decoration makes the shop come alive, the light, the placing and the brain that works well.132


    This text is nothing that i can say about the shop WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH- THANKS


    Thank you crew for the shop you have given Smallworlds making friends and much more!!

    ~ David Mariee
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  2. Post 22
    Jasmine Darkness's Avatar
    Jasmine Darkness
    First Post: Dec 2011
    Posts: 4,219
    "What makes SmallWorlds the game where you belong, and why?

    I first started to play because of an advertisement I've saw that brought me to Smallworld's Virtual Game. The first day I played it was quit hard but it was my first day as people says "You have to try and try till you get it", and obviously I did. I started to understand more and more and I felt like I got the hang of it. I was so happy, then there was very generous people that helped me out and it made things even better. I started to learn new things like"Missions, Levels, Citizen levels, Citizen Points, Wears, Rares, Loyalty Challenge and etc" and i tried out every single one of them and since then I just couldn't stop playing, it just made me grow with so much joy. The one thing that really made me happy was that I've met so many new friends and they changed my life; they seem so caring and generous. Smallworld is like a real world living your dream, you get to do anything you want and no one can stop you. It made me pass freely through anything I wanted to do.
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  3. Post 23
    Hayley Sheeran's Avatar
    Hayley Sheeran
    First Post: Aug 2010
    Posts: 71
    Smallworlds is the place you should be because you can choose who you want to, express your true self, gives you the confidence to do things without being judged on appearance, the place where only your personality matters. Smallworlds is a place to come to unwind after the stress of day to day life. You can strive to achieve great things : being a successful shop owner. Meet people similar to you, unleash your inner child,Experience endless surprises. Join in on the fun!
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  4. Post 24
    Forum Bouy
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 264
    The Reason I Belong to this game(Smallworlds) because It is a fun addicting game for everyone it has good people,It has rude people and even underage people it has fun things to do. It even has things you can do that you can't do in real Such as the Pvp Arena(Magma Core 20+,Space Jump Rookie 1+, etc) You can Start a Business,Groups And Play games such as Cute or boot and many more You can look rich do things that you wont be able to do in real life.This is a game that you can enjoy until you die But one thing if you want other people to enjoy you gotta do to others what you will like people do to you.

    ~~Jojo Thomas11th~~
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  5. Post 25
    Golden Angle the 7th's Avatar
    Golden Angle the 7th
    First Post: Apr 2013
    Posts: 16
    What Makes small worlds the game were you belong, and why? .Golden Angle. Well I was at school my friends were like there this Website called small I was like really so I Grabed my self a laptop I typed in small the front screen popped up I was "shocked" it was the most greatest thing of my life I never played small world until my friends told me about it a very fun website I loged in not noing what to do but later that day I started fingering things out like you can do Missions, you can level up for Citizen points and do many more things Small world is the most Greatest funniness website ever people who has not tryed smallworld Grab a laptop and log in [URL=""]
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  6. Post 26
    Michael Watson the 16th's Avatar
    Michael Watson the 16th
    First Post: Jan 2012
    Posts: 28

    I've been playing small worlds since 2008, i quit small worlds many times and have had many accounts. After i quit for a few years i made a new account in 2011 and have been playing ever since, and you might think why i stayed.

    I have seen small worlds progress in the past years, I remember when they didn't have holly woods villas, mansions ect. They made it a lot better.

    The things you can be and do on small worlds are amazing. you can make sculptures,paintings,crafting etc you can make shops to make profit and get sellers and owners and that is very fun. You can get a job that's fun too as an example working at a pizza hut!

    A thing that caught my attention were wears and rares. I love collecting the monthly wearables. i have only a few rares though but they are fun to collect.

    The most important thing though is FRIENDS that's the reason i don't quit. It's fun to go to places with your friends they always make you laugh! They are always there for you. They will play games with you like pool and golf to have fun. So that's why small worlds is the place i belong and will stay!

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  7. Post 27
    jt swoll's Avatar
    jt swoll
    First Post: Nov 2011
    Posts: 234

    What makes Smallworlds the game where I belong? The REAL question is why wouldn't it be the game where I belong? I've played a lot of online games before such as vmk, magic quest, wizard 101, yes all of those but one day I came upon a link and it led me here. Since that day I've really been hooked on this game. The best part about Smallworlds in my opinion is that no matter how you look on the other side of the computer, you get to meet people that appreciate you because of who you are in the game. Smallworlds has changed a lot over the years but in my opinion this game keeps getting better and better. I really hope it stays around for a while because this is MY game. The people working behind Smallworlds deserve a lot of credit for this beautiful creation. Great looks, great images, great players, great challenges, great game. Thanks and this is my essay.

    -Mr McCurdy
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  8. Post 28
    Monica Gonzalezz's Avatar
    Monica Gonzalezz
    First Post: Oct 2009
    Posts: 290

    "What makes SmallWorlds The game where you belong!"

    SmallWorld's is a game where I belong at because,on SmallWorld's you can be your true self without anyone judging you. Like for an example me I have dated online many time's. Right now I am dating a girl which no one in my family or even friend's in real life know's that i am also attracted to girls. You basically can express yourself true self on here without being judged on. Unlike real life many people judge based looks, and how you act as person. SmallWorld's is also a great place to practice your art skills. On Small World's you can paint, make sculptures and can decorate house's. It's a great place to practice if you are deciding to go to school for art in the future like me! Currently I am practicing painting online to go to school for digital painting. In Small Worlds did you know that you can also practice matching up you're clothes? If you are going to school for fashion designing you can mix and match up some idea's to make those clothes in real! Did you know on SmallWorlds you also find Love? maybe even find your future wife, or even husband. On Small Worlds you can date many new people. Who know's some people probably life near you which can change your life. You can also make friend's and new people even people who are just like you. The question was yet again
    ; What makes SmallWorlds the game where you belong, and why? And the answer is because YOU can express you're true self!
    -Monica Gonzalezz
    Here's a picture of me in Seaside Shop wears and rares!

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  9. Post 29
    Forum Bouy
    First Post: Jun 2011
    Posts: 264
    I Belong To This Game(Smallworlds) Because It's a Good Game For you to enjoy.
    You could do things that you cant do in real life such as play Pvp games like(Magma Core Pro 20+,Space Jump Rookie+ and etc)Start a business And many more .Smallworlds is a game you can enjoy till you die It has good people that can change your life and it has some Bad people that can bring you down.But Most of them are good people. Alot of my friends have made a better can do missions and get cool items you can meet good friends and to make this game better and better for other people you have to treat them like how you would like to be treated and we know everyone would like to be treated good so treat everyone equal.

    Raveen Bouy
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  10. Post 30
    Tinaja Lalama's Avatar
    Tinaja Lalama
    First Post: Oct 2009
    Posts: 3,034
    We are here, we are watching, we are reading keep them coming

    100k gold woooooooooooooo I want my share
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