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SmallWorlds login?

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    Mina Bae the 2nd's Avatar
    Mina Bae the 2nd
    First Post: Nov 2010
    Posts: 50
    I went on my other laptop on SmallWorlds, and there was no "Login details" ; Email: + Password: anywhere
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    Alexis Barbuto the 2nd's Avatar
    Alexis Barbuto the 2nd
    First Post: Oct 2010
    Posts: 1,622
    Sometimes it glitches out, try clearing your cache and cookies..
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    Maddz Hottiezz
    First Post: Jul 2013
    Posts: 1
    Yea, that happens to me alot maybe try what she said ^^^^^^^ or what i do is shut the laptop down or even leaving it for a while, its frustrating though
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    Carly Nizto
    First Post: Oct 2013
    Posts: 1
    I need help by getting mission and selling my house for tokens and I need to be the owner
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    Emmacoolily Coolgiirl's Avatar
    Emmacoolily Coolgiirl
    First Post: Aug 2013
    Posts: 10
    hi on my profile its takes to long so i went here
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    Phoebe Sabellico's Avatar
    Phoebe Sabellico
    First Post: Feb 2012
    Posts: 471
    It Could Be a Glitch Last time for me I would try to long in and then my whole page went blank.
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    Thalia Winter the 2nd's Avatar
    Thalia Winter the 2nd
    First Post: Nov 2013
    Posts: 34
    i got banned from this rich girl but she deleted her avator i didnt want to trade accounts and she bann me my name is stephanie babez the 3rd
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    Kylie Vonormal's Avatar
    Kylie Vonormal
    First Post: Jun 2013
    Posts: 12
    I'm having a similar problem! But I login and I can't go to my profile page .. What it does is everytime I go to my profile page it keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing... Its annoying! And it also won't let me buy any package thingys!! URGH!!! I'm super frustrated!
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    Live Yourdreams's Avatar
    Live Yourdreams
    First Post: Jun 2008
    Posts: 4,973
    Kylie, try clearing your cache and cookies, that's what usually fixes the refreshing problem for me.
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    Tiz Biz the 3rd's Avatar
    Tiz Biz the 3rd
    First Post: Nov 2013
    Posts: 1
    wht do u mean it the emails and on your other labtop
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