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    Kassandra Derp's Avatar
    Kassandra Derp
    First Post: May 2013
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    Just buy some no bake JELL-O dessert and stock up on that for the zombie apocalypse :3
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    Mrs Clause the 238th
    First Post: Jan 2012
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    Slice up an apple, dump peanut butter on a plate.
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    Willa Gracemore
    First Post: Sep 2010
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    lol shadow
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    Temp Estral's Avatar
    Temp Estral
    First Post: May 2011
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    I got one!

    Water in a glass.

    You need;
    -A Tap of clean drinking water.
    -A container.

    1) Turn the tap using your hands
    2) Place container under water.
    3) Walk away from the tap.
    4) Place container full of water on a flat, even surface.
    5) Walk back to the tap.
    6) Turn off tap using your hands.
    7) Walk back to the surface, and pick up the container.
    8) Raise container to mouth
    9) Open mouth
    10) Pour.
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    Joseph Hutcherson
    First Post: Jun 2013
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    my fav
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    Temp Estral's Avatar
    Temp Estral
    First Post: May 2011
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    Temp Estral's Avatar
    Temp Estral
    First Post: May 2011
    Posts: 199
    Again bumping...


    Excuse the pun...
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    Vin LiFaye's Avatar
    Vin LiFaye
    First Post: May 2009
    Posts: 60
    There's this one that I've tried a few times..hopefully you guys will enjoy it!
    It took a while to perfect the recipe, but after lots of failed efforts, I finally got it to work!

    So, now I'll share my secret of how to make these with only a few easy steps!

    I like to call this little dish ice-cubes. Basically, they're cubes of frozen water!
    Amazing, right?

    -Water (Preferably clean, filtered)
    -An ice cube tray
    -A freezer

    Alright, make sure you have what you need, and we shall proceed with making it.
    Step one: Take the tray, and your selected source of water, and fill each part of the tray up evenly (about 3/4 full) with water. Make sure not to under or over-fill it!
    Step two: Open the freezer door, and put the tray in. Make sure it's on a flat surface with nothing on top of it.
    (Make sure to close the freezer door, you don't want the cold air getting out! This could not only ruin your precious ice-cubes, but anything else you may have in your freezer!)

    And now, you must wait a while until the ice-cubes are completely solid, it may take some time depending on the temperature of your freezer.
    And after some waiting, VIOLA! You have your very own ICE-CUBES! Enjoy!
    A common thing to do with the cubes once they are finished would be to put them in a drink of your choice to chill it! Personally, I like to take them straight from the tray and chew on them.
    And if you're feeling that the plain ice-cubes aren't enough, maybe you could mix it up a little and instead of water, using a juice of your choice!
    Ice cubes are generally great during the summer, but useful any time of year!

    And, there you have it! A simple no-bake recipe that you can make easily in your very own home! It may take a while, but I PROMISE YOU, it's worth it!

    Thanks for reading, tune-in next time and maybe I can teach you how to make a ham & cheese sandwich!
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    Rhen Ome's Avatar
    Rhen Ome
    First Post: May 2011
    Posts: 1,574
    oh.my.gawd. sev, so that's how to make ice cubes?!! thanks for posting the recipe/procedures!

    "I like to take them straight from the tray and chew on them."

    Same here gurl.

    This thread is really helpful tbh. Just learned a lot of things from you guys!
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    Megan Basle's Avatar
    Megan Basle
    First Post: Jul 2009
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    You go up to dat fridge
    You get dat bread from there
    And you get dat cheese
    and you put dat cheese on dat bread
    Roll that sh*t up tightly.
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