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Tokens And Gold- How To Earn Them! A Must Read!

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  1. Post 1
    Molly Youland the 3rd
    First Post: Jun 2013
    Posts: 22
    Ok, so, we all know money is a big deal on Smallworlds. Why? Appearance. If you have a good house and clothes, you're good. A lot of people need tokens and gold, it's the most common problem I've seen. I have some ways to earn tokens and gold without cheating! Ok, now let's look into Tokens. Tokens are fairly easy to earn, look up Willow Storm's Haven in places. It's an amazing mission center with easy missions to do, rewarding 1,000 tokens when completed! There are many other missions to do as well, I just prefer these. Now for the main problem... GOLD . Smallworlds gold is sometimes earned by generators. I DON'T trust these, there are a lot of desperate people who can't think of anything to do, so what do they do? Say it with me- they steal! Take generators off your list, guys. Go to The Factory and use the machines to earn gold! I use One Radium, they give 21 gold per video, and the videos and very fast. It's a great way to earn gold. Once you've done all the free offers you can, use a Reward TV to watch free videos! The videos are (most of the time) quick and simple. Also, when you earn gold and decide you don't need it- sell it! Gold sells for a lot of tokens now. I know these things are pretty basic but trust me, continue to do them and you'll have everything you need in no time!
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  2. Post 2
    Jiplhpia Ahoocj
    First Post: Apr 2013
    Posts: 178
    That's pretty good, Molly!
    People always want gold, and they keep saying that the Factory and Golden Bot never work....
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  3. Post 3
    Alivia Loving's Avatar
    Alivia Loving
    First Post: Sep 2012
    Posts: 14
    I think that many people will find this information so helpful! I think it's awesome you took the time to share this information.
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  4. Post 4
    claudia portuondo the 4th's Avatar
    claudia portuondo the 4th
    First Post: Oct 2013
    Posts: 2
    im the best one and forever and the coolest
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  5. Post 5
    Devin Equinox's Avatar
    Devin Equinox
    First Post: Apr 2013
    Posts: 183
    Molly, i agree totally on the gold. You should stick with Radium one. But don't sell your gold for tokens like most people do to get more tokens. Having tokens is useful yeah, i get that. But would you rather have a house made out of tokens? or a house made out of gold? Or token clothing? Or gold clothing.. I think we all agree on gold. Yes gold and tokens are good for either, but gold makes it look a bit more fancy, if you don't like fancy that's fine, but I will stick with Gold for now. And as well as the missions. I love the new mission set up, but as soon as they fixed it up i had just finished my auto-laps. But 1000 tokens a mission, that is great. I don't really like the new set up with the xp on the missions. I would like you to be able to go to as much xp as you want to a day. You can only play like 3 or 4 missions per Explorer, Social, Artist, and Gamer. Also, i think you should be able to buy VIP in tokens. I don't know what you think but this is just my opinion. Or maybe just lower the VIP rate to 1,000 or lower.
    Well, her is my opinion, i hope you will read this.
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  6. Post 6
    claudia portuondo the 4th's Avatar
    claudia portuondo the 4th
    First Post: Oct 2013
    Posts: 2
    i think that we need more gold. Or they have lowest the prices og gold. na dthat its jsut not fair that the vip get everything and the normaels people dont get anythinf .that its just no fair. I just said that i will kee it calm. And thx for my friends to support me i love everybody and keep it cool and happy very happy and love you everybody
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  7. Post 7
    Natalie Whites the 2nd's Avatar
    Natalie Whites the 2nd
    First Post: Jun 2013
    Posts: 2
    Devin i agree i mean it would be smarter
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  8. Post 8
    Lily Love the 268th's Avatar
    Lily Love the 268th
    First Post: May 2013
    Posts: 3
    People say that the factory doesnt work. they probebly dont do it right! I gained 1400 gold doing it for about 1 hr!
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  9. Post 9
    Marissa West's Avatar
    Marissa West
    First Post: Oct 2010
    Posts: 350
    it would sure be nice if they would bring back the loyalty gold.
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  10. Post 10
    Paid Idkk
    First Post: Mar 2013
    Posts: 1,629
    Radium one has the best offers. Almost all of them work! I would suggest you use radium one people.
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