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Look guys I won!

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    Money Andyou's Avatar
    Money Andyou
    First Post: Jun 2012
    Posts: 5,052
    Can i have some of it??Lol!!
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  2. Post 12
    Zswagga Star the 3rd's Avatar
    Zswagga Star the 3rd
    First Post: Apr 2013
    Posts: 139
    Woah, very realistic

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  3. Post 13
    Emy Hawkins's Avatar
    Emy Hawkins
    First Post: Dec 2012
    Posts: 1,250
    30 seconds of my life I will NEVER get back... Thank you very much..
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  4. Post 14
    Deena Pearce the 2nd's Avatar
    Deena Pearce the 2nd
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 20
    Rofl xD ....nice editin rofl IN ANYONE'S DREAMS they weren't win that much rofl
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  5. Post 15
    Beth Schwartz's Avatar
    Beth Schwartz
    First Post: Jun 2012
    Posts: 80
    Oh, You're so lucky!
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  6. Post 16
    Venom Speed's Avatar
    Venom Speed
    First Post: Oct 2010
    Posts: 672
    You a photoshop CC user? Use it so well O_O.
    Master! *Bows*
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  7. Post 17
    Iman Zargarpur
    First Post: Jun 2012
    Posts: 859
    Im pretty sure she made it look like that on purpose to show that she never wins anything. Lol Don't worry Bruno, I get your point. (Not for attention or being a pro editor)
    *Virtual high 5*, someone get's it
    30 seconds of my life I will NEVER get back... Thank you very much..
    If this wasted your life...why did you comment? You are losing more of your precious life by doing so
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  8. Post 18
    Micheall Moore
    First Post: Jun 2013
    Posts: 72
    I laughed xD Very funny
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  9. Post 19
    Heather Doglady's Avatar
    Heather Doglady
    First Post: Aug 2009
    Posts: 12,690
    I thought it was kind of cute that she used the Sparx LOL prize picture to post this joke with. Funny
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  10. Post 20
    Paid Idkk
    First Post: Mar 2013
    Posts: 1,713
    I wish I did win 10k -.- but then again I don't even play the deluxe spin to win anyway bc it's a waste of gold so.
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