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Ultimate Game Card

  1. Post 1
    Candice Honeycutt's Avatar
    Candice Honeycutt
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 84
    When you're wanting to buy a package more than 20 $ (The only amount I've seen in my general area) in items such as the 30k gold package ($44.95) or the 12 months vip package with 24k gold and deluxe scooter ($ 58.00) is it possible to add another card onto the order so it would be the correct amount or can you only add one card? Thanks for reading, sorry if it's a bit confusing.
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  2. Post 2
    Live Yourdreams's Avatar
    Live Yourdreams
    First Post: Jun 2008
    Posts: 6,457
    You can use multiple Ultimate Game Cards for one order. Any balance left over from the last card remains on your account so you can use it for future orders.

    One thing I seem to recall from the past - if it asks you to create an account on the Ultimate Game Card site, I think you need to use the same email address you use for your SW account. Not sure if you still have to do this or not, but just in case you do I wanted to add the info.
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    Milana Estona's Avatar
    Milana Estona
    First Post: Nov 2009
    Posts: 2,030
    Yes, you can add multiple cards to meet your balance
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  4. Post 4
    Candice Honeycutt's Avatar
    Candice Honeycutt
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 84
    Thanks guys!
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