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A neighborhood.

  1. Post 1
    Elliot Shea's Avatar
    Elliot Shea
    First Post: Jul 2013
    Posts: 55
    I was seeing this on previous posts, a neighborhood!

    All smallville people could live in little mini apartments in a big huge building that includes:
    -A parking lot for sculpted cars..etc
    -A yard with a porch included..
    -Mini apartments with one rare item included
    -A public swimming pool area
    -Tennis court
    -Basketball court
    -Many more!

    All players should get their own mini apartment, and they can furnish it themselves and when someone wants to move in with them, they can add them as a member they won't steal their stuff..and then they can also have a little button on their door that can say 'Ring doorbell' or 'Knock'..And we can have simple hallways like real apartments do!

    I know this doesn't include much detail, but that's all I can think of for this. It appears on SW's Facebook page was a while ago so I can't give you the link because I don't remember it. I also know this might take YEARS or MONTHS to build, plan, etc. But if Smallworlds can make awesome stuff..they sure can make this!!!
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  2. Post 2
    Nathan Acci
    First Post: Jul 2013
    Posts: 11
    Hey there Joey, this post reminded me of a virtual game called Onverse. On Onverse, you have a street neighborhood. It's very cool! Decorating your own home, and you can scope out your neighbors houses as well to see their creativity.
    I agree with this except the Rare Item part and some of the activity courts may seem a bit useless considering our avatars can't move or act the way the professional game is played.

    Great idea!
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  3. Post 3
    ambrosia midnight's Avatar
    ambrosia midnight
    First Post: Nov 2013
    Posts: 457
    well i really like this idea but could you be more specific? bump
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  4. Post 4
    Emersyn Ogrehead's Avatar
    Emersyn Ogrehead
    First Post: Sep 2013
    Posts: 115
    We already receive a basic space when we first make our account. I don't think the general idea of this could work because it would be too laggy and take too much space on the system if we were to put entire neighborhoods together. Suggestions like these seem to be a little too big for the game to accommodate and make it where you have to download the game, but to keep SmallWorlds simple, I don't think we need full neighborhoods.
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