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Frequently Asked Questions About SmallWorlds

These are among the most popular questions that players have. Check the left-hand side menu for more details and other important info.

How Do I get Gold and Tokens?

Gold is our premium currency, and Tokens are the SmallWorlds achievement currency. Learn more about them and how to get them. Learn more.

What Are Citizen Levels?

Citizen levels are titles bestowed upon our valued SmallWorlds citizens. With this status comes the ability to use and wear specific items that require a certain CL. Learn more.

How Do I Invite Friends?

You can earn Citizen Points by inviting friends to join you in SmallWorlds! Learn more.

What Do You Mean by Rare Items and Seasonal Items?

Rare and Seasonal items are among the most sought after items in SmallWorlds. Learn more.

How Do I Level Up?

Some items require specific levels to wear them, or you might just want to increase your levels to show your ability. Either way you’ll need to know all of the different ways to increase specific skill levels. Learn more.

What Are Avatar Attributes?

Avatar attributes determine how fast, resilient and protected your avatar is. They are most useful in the player-vs-player arena games within SmallWorlds, but also help you to stand out from the crowd in everyday situations. Learn more.