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Skill Levels and XP

XP stands for Experience Points. You earn XP by playing missions and quests, playing games, and using widgets in SmallWorlds. All XP you earn adds to your total Primary XP.

Having high XP gives you access to more SmallWorlds missions and items. Leveling up earns you titles, tokens and item rewards!


There are seven different kinds of skills:


Earn Explorer XP by:

  • Doing Explorer Missions
  • Watching YouTube videos on a TV
  • Using the Book of Guests
  • Using the Desktop PC
  • Using the Kiosk

Earn Explorer XP to wear Explorer Wearables


Earn Artist XP by:

  • Doing Artist Missions
  • Using the Graffiti Canvas
  • Using any Flickr Frame, Poster or Mural
  • Playing Fastdraw
  • Using any Music Player

Earn Artist XP to wear Artist Wearables


Earn Gamer XP by:

  • Doing Gamer Missions
  • Playing Pool
  • Playing Mini-Golf
  • Playing Chess
  • Playing Chinese Checkers
  • Playing Fast-Draw
  • Using any game machine

Earn Gamer XP to wear Gamer Wearables


Earn Social XP by:

  • Doing Social Missions
  • Using the Quiz Machine
  • Using the Twitter Board
  • Using the Guestbook

Earn Social XP to wear Social Wearables


Earn Arena XP by playing Player Vs Player (PVP) games, such as:

  • Space Jump Rookie
  • Tombstone Rookie
  • Magma Core Competitive
  • Magma Core Professional
  • Space Jump Magic Mayhem

Earn Arena XP to be able to play more advanced Arena Games!

Arena XP


Earn Farmer XP by growing, cross-pollinating and harvesting plants.

The higher your Farmer XP Level, the more kinds of plants you can grow, cross-pollinate and harvest!
Grow plants to earn Farmer XP


Earn Crafter XP by crafting items. See our Crafting Game Guide for more information.

The higher your Crafter XP Level, the more items you will be able to craft!
Craft items to earn Crafter XP

Daily XP Reward Caps

All Skill paths have a daily XP cap of 1000 XP points. This means that each day you can earn up to 1000 points in each skill path (calculated from midnight to midnight SWT).

All skill paths also have an overall cap, as follows:

  • Farming is capped at Level 300
  • Crafting is capped at Level 200
  • All other skill paths are capped at Level 499

These caps will be lifted in the future, when higher-level features and content have been added.

Widget XP Caps

To prevent exploits, all widgets are capped to limit the amount of XP you can earn during each 24 hour period. You will only earn XP for the first 4 hours of widget use in each XP path, which equates to around 380 XP for each XP path per day (Explorer, Social, Gamer, and Artist).