SmallWorlds needs your help. Every month less than 5% of players use our Store, and their support keeps the game running. Today we're asking you to join them. Purchasing from our Store will not only get you great deals on Gold, but you'll get a Heart Badge to show you're one of our supporters! We can't do it without you.
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Become a VIP with SmallWorlds Membership

The SmallWorlds VIP Club is the premium way to enjoy the SmallWorlds online game experience.

Here are just a few of the great benefits the SmallWorlds VIP Club offers:

• You’ll get Citizen Points with your VIP. This gives you access to cool skates, skateboards, and weapons!

• Being VIP gives you access to special avatar clothing and make-up options, like glasses, belts, cool tops, hats, shoes, and lots more.

• VIPs can use colored speech bubbles.

• All VIP’s get Double Kudos Points (Kudos is our loyalty program that rewards you with free XP and items).

• You’ll be able to take your virtual pet with you wherever you go.

• You’ll get access to VIP-only items and spaces. Some amazing wearables can only be wone by VIP Club Members!

• You’ll get access to the Dance Studio, so your avatar’s funky dance moves can stand out from the pack. VIPs can save three different dances, so you can really rock the dance floor.

How To Become A SmallWorlds VIP

There are three ways to get your VIP game membership:

1. Purchase VIP Club Membership from the SmallWorlds Store.

2. Get VIP with Gold.

3. Get VIP with your Phone.

Purchase VIP Club Membership

In the SmallWorlds Store you’ll find a range of VIP Membership packages. Any package that you pay for with with real currency (Credit Card, Paypal, etc), will give you Gold in addition to your VIP game membership. You’ll also get a free Rare item with the 6 and 12 month VIP packages.

You’ll get 2000 Gold monthly when you pay for a monthly subscription with your credit card. (You’ll get the Gold each time your credit card is charged).

If you buy a package with several months of VIP, you’ll get 2000 gold for each month. You’ll get the entire amount of Gold at the time of the purchase. For example, if you buy the 3 Month VIP package, you’ll get 6000 Gold right away.*

• Some inclusions are subject to your payment method. Please read the detailed description of your purchase.

Get VIP with Gold

If you already have Gold, you can use it to become VIP. You’ll find a one-month VIP package and a three-month VIP package in the SmallWorlds Store. (

Get VIP with Your Phone

Check the SmallWorlds Store for packages you can buy through your mobile phone. You will be billed through your phone account.*
* Mobile provider fees and charges apply.

Become A VIP Today!

If you love computer games and play games online, you may already have experienced the benefits a premium VIP package will give you. Being a member of the SmallWorlds VIP Club is by far the best way to play, so get your VIP Club membership today!