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VIP Membership

The SmallWorlds VIP Club is the premium way to enjoy the SmallWorlds experience. For a small monthly or pre-paid subscription, the VIP Club offers the following great benefits:

  • You’ll get Citizen Points when you buy VIP. This gives you access to cool skates, skateboards, and weapons!
  • Being VIP gives you access to special avatar clothing and make-up options, like glasses, belts, cool tops, hats, shoes, and lots more.
  • All VIP’s get Double Kudos Points (Kudos is our rewards programme – click here for more information)
  • You’ll be able to take your pet with you wherever you go.
  • You’ll get access to VIP-only items and spaces. Some amazing wearables are VIP-only!
  • You’ll get access to the Dance Studio, so your avatar’s funky dance moves can stand out from the pack. VIPs can save three different dances, so they can really rock the dance-floor.
  • Purchase a one-year VIP membership, and you’ll get an exclusive free gift that’s not sold in shops. It’s our way of saying thanks!

* Some inclusions are subject to your payment method. Please read the detailed description of your purchase.