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Chat Channels

Chat Channels give you a way to chat with a group of people who have a common interest. You can create your own Chat Channel or join someone else’s.

How to set up a Chat Channel

1. Open the chat window by clicking the small arrow above the chat field, then click the wrench at the top of the chat window.


2. Enter the details for your Chat Channel and click Save.

  • Name - up to 10 characters.
  • Passcode - up to 10 characters. This is the password that others will need to enter to get access to your Chat Channel.
  • Shortkey - up to 5 characters. If you’re talking in another chat (Space Chat, Private Chat, or another Chat Channel), you can enter this Shortkey to quickly switch to this Chat Channel.
  • Subscribe - make sure this box is ticked.
  • Color - all text typed in the channel will default to the color selected. This makes it easier to identify different chats when you look at the chat window.


How to join a Chat Channel that someone else has created

1. Open the chat window, then click the wrench at the top right. Then enter the same details as above, but put in the name and passcode you were given by the person who asked you to join their Chat Channel.


How to use a chat channel

1. Click on the Chat icon in the far left corner of your screen to change the chat window to show the Chat Channel. You can also type a slash (/) then your channel’s shortkey. E.g. if your shortkey is ‘m’, type ‘/m’ to get to your channel.


2. Now anything you type will go only to people on your channel.

3. To switch back, click on the Chat icon again, and select the chat you want.

Alternatively – to stay on the main chat but talk on your chat channel:
Start with the slash symbol / and type the shortkey in front of anything you want to send to your chat channel.
For example, if the shortkey is m you can type: /m hey guys


How to leave a chat channel

1. Open the Chat Channel window. Then hover over the list of Chat Channels and you’ll see a spanner next to each. Click on the one you want to edit or delete.
2. If you want to join a different chat channel instead, just type over all the information and click Save.
3. To unsubscribe from a Chat Channel, untick the Subscribe box.
4. To delete a Chat Channel you created, click Delete Channel.