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Play Fun Crafting Games In SmallWorlds

If you like playing free crafting games, you’ll love using plants and other craftables to make brand new items in SmallWorlds!

There are 4 Crafting Tables and one Sewing Machine that you can use to craft with. All of these craft different items. Clicking on an item in the table will show you the ingredients you’ll need to collect to craft that item.

Besides being fun, Crafting enables you to create items that may be scarce or Rare, and to earn XP while you’re doing it!

About The Crafting Tables

Learner Crafter Tools – You’ll need to use this table to craft your first items. The first item to craft is the Party Popper. You don’t need any Crafting XP to craft it, as indicated by the L1 symbol on the item.

Basic Crafting Kit – You’ll need to have at least Crafting Level 30 to make the items on this table.

Intermediate Crafting Table – You’ll need to have at least Crafting Level 55 to make the items on this table.

Advanced Crafting Table – You’ll need to have at least Crafting Level 90 to craft the items on this table.

Sewing Machine – Use the Sewing Machine to craft soft items such as Swuffies, Swuffy hats, couches, chairs, rugs, and curtains.

Using The Crafting Tables

To have fun playing crafting games in SmallWorlds, first pick up the Learner Crafter Tools at a low price from your Shop Catalog.

Put the Learner Crafter Tools table into your space, click on it, then click Craft.

The green symbol on each item (L1, L2, L3, etc.) shows you what Crafter XP Level you need to be before you can craft the item. Each time you craft something you earn XP to increase your Crafter XP Level.

You can craft as much as you want every SmallWorlds day, but you will only receive the first 1000xp you earn.

Ingredients To Create Your Art And Crafts

To craft the items on the tables, you’ll need assorted ingredients in varying quantities.

If you don’t have enough ingredients to make an item, click Buy to purchase more. Once you have enough, you can proceed.

Please note, sometimes after purchasing, it won’t immediately show that you have enough ingredients. Exit the widget, open your inventory and refresh it. Then go back into the widget. You should now have enough to complete your crafting.

Crafting ingredients include:

• Seeds, trading cards, essences (from transmuting trading cards)
• Staple items like fabric, dye, bottles, thread, furniture, and sometimes, other crafted items.
• Some items like Swuffies, hats and backpacks require a ‘base’ item, like a white teddy bear. Swuffy hats are plain white caps.

You can save time by looking ahead to see what you need for the recipe, and either buying or crafting the needed ingredients to craft your main item.

SmallWorlds Crafting is fun and rewarding for all who like to play art and craft games.