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Interactions Guide

How to find and edit interactions with the Interactions Panel.

The Interactions Panel can be found on the Missions Panel, which is outlined with yellow on the below image.
It lists all items in the current level of the space you are in, so if you have a multi-level home, you must check all floors individually.

Interactions Screenshot_1



Once on the panel, you can click on the following tabs:

Items: Where you can choose the item that you want to change the interactions of.


Buttons: Where you can create custom buttons for items, like “Next” on a Soundcloud Stereo to play the next song.


Reactions: Where you can set reactions to custom buttons, or reactions to the actions and attributes of your avatar.


Items Tab

You can choose one of 9 options in the pulldown menu on the right of the screen.


Has Interactions: All items with interactions.
- This include actions that react to how close you are to an item, which is mainly used for automatically teleporting players out of the space, or to another space.


Has Buttons: All items with buttons.
- Buttons can be used to trigger an action on a item.


Has Proximity: All items with Proximity
- Proximity is how close, or how far you are to an item.


Has Missions: All items that start Missions.


Has Events: All items that have events.
- Events are where you can set a item with an reaction that trigger an event. If you click “ Turn On” on a Light Switch, it will trigger an event named “Light On” to items, like lights, that are set up and turn all lights in the space on.


Receives Events: All items that receive events.


Send Events: All items that send events.


All Items: Shows all items.


No Interactions: All items with no interactions.



  • If you have an item in your space causing lag, this is where you are likely to find it. Look for an item that has many interactions or an item with interactions that you don’t recall setting. Once you find it you can use this panel to remove them by going into the reactions and removing each one.
  • If you do not want to be teleported from your own space, make sure to visit: and turn on “Confirm on Item Teleport, Navigate, and Boot”

Interations Settings