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Kudos rewards you for playing in SmallWorlds.  You’ll get bonus XP and free items.

Earn 18 Kudos Points each calendar week to win a reward.

  • Week One: Win 1000 Explorer XP
  • Week Two: Win 1000 Gamer XP
  • Week Three: Win 1000 Social XP
  • Week Four:  Win Gold or a free reward!
  • If the rewards are items in a Kudos Series, then once you have 3 items in a set, you can combobulate them into a new item using the Kudos Crafting Widget.  Get your own widget from the Shop Catalog or head to the Kudos Rewards Space to use one there.

XP rewards aren’t affected by the XP cap.  On the day you’re rewarded you can also earn your regular amount of XP.

How Do I Earn Kudos Points?

You receive Kudos Points when you play featured missions, complete an offer, harvest your plants, play Spin 2 Win, paint a picture, create a sculpture, and lots more.

VIP Club Members get bonus Kudos Points – they’ll receive double the points from each activity they complete!

What Are the Advantages of Kudos Rewards over the Old Loyalty Challenge System?

  • There are so many more ways you can earn Kudos Points – Crafting and Painting are now included.
  • You can collect your Kudos Points at any time during the week.  Do it all at once, or whenever it suits you!  You no longer need to complete your tasks on consecutive days.
  • If you’re a VIP Club Member you get Double Kudos points – earning Kudos Points twice as fast as non-VIPs!