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How To Create Your Own Games, Missions, and Quests in SmallWorlds

One of the best things about SmallWorlds is getting to play fun missions that tell an engaging story. Other games with missions, or games with quests, simply give you, the player, a mission or quest to complete. SmallWorlds is different in that it also allows you to create your own games, missions, or quests. We provide a full, function-rich set of tools for you to come up with your own engaging series of tasks, and enable you to write your own story. Other players can then play the mission you’ve created – and you can set an entry fee which means you’ll be paid Tokens every time somebody completes it!

A great way to come up with ideas for your own missions is to play ones created by other players to see what others have done. Take a look at the Missions Panel in SmallWorlds and you’ll see lots of missions made by other players that are available for you to play. These missions range from being short and simple, to long and complex.

What Are Missions?

Missions give the player a series of tasks to do. How easy or difficult the tasks are to complete is up to the mission maker! One of the joys of being able to create your own game within SmallWorlds is to think up imaginative quests or tricky puzzles that the player will need to solve. We provide an extensive range of mission options, so you’re only limited by your own creativity.

To create your own missions, click on the Missions icon on your toolbar, then select the My Missions option. Click the Add Mission link to start creating your new mission.

Create your own mission

Mission Creation Overview

The best mission games tell an interesting story, casting the player as the hero. Each mission card provides a place for you to tell this story. Before making your mission, it’s best to plan your story in advance so you know all the steps the player will need to complete. A single mission can contain a maximum of 26 mission tasks.

When a mission task is completed, the next task is activated for the player. When the last task in the mission is done, the mission is considered completed and the player is given a reward of XP (Experience) and Tokens.

Mission Tasks

Mission Tasks are the building blocks you use to create your mission or quest. You choose what you want the player to do, by setting an action that completes the task.

There are many options you can choose from for task completion. For example, each task could be completed by:

• Saying or whispering something.
• Emoting.
• Performing an action such as dancing or sitting down.
• Consuming or using an item (eg. eating something, or using magic on someone).
• Interacting with one or more items.
• Proximity to an item.
• Entering a certain space.

As you can see, the wide range of completion triggers gives you, the mission maker, plenty of options. And you can also define additional conditions around the completion of a task, like where the player should be, how many other people should be there, etc.

You can use these task completion triggers to create quest games that send players on a ‘treasure hunt’ in a single space or across multiple spaces. You could also make a game in which players interact with items to progress.

Customizing Your Mission

There are various options to consider when customizing your mission. These choices are set on the New Mission creation window.

New Mission Creation Window

Choose Your Mission Card Style: There are four different panel styles to choose from, and you can choose how your mission cards will look. Select from the Antique, Futuristic, Modern, or Standard Styles.

Choose The Mission’s XP Path: When someone plays your mission, they will be rewarded with XP as well as Tokens. You can select the XP type they will be rewarded. Select either Social, Gamer, Artist, or Explorer XP.

Select The Entry Fee And Minimum Level: You can select an entry fee to be paid to you when someone starts playing your mission. The fee is in Tokens. You can also select a Minimum Level you want to restrict players from playing the mission. Only people who have XP in the selected XP path and are over the level you have specified will be able to play your mission.

Activating Your Mission

Now to make the mission active, get one of your friends to come to your space and do the mission. Once they have completed the mission, it will show up under “Most Recent” missions in the mission panel. Anyone looking to play quest games for free will be able to find it there.

You can also add a link and information about your creation in the Mission Showcase section of the SmallWorlds Forum.

Payouts For Approved And Non-Approved Missions

When a player completes your mission they will be rewarded with a Token payout. The mission engine will pay the tokens. The person who created the mission does not set the token reward amount or pay the tokens. Making your mission games as challenging and creative as possible will help to increase the payout and XP earned.

If your Mission is not Approved, it will payout 25 XP, or 0 XP if it is completed in under 3 minutes.

If your mission is Approved, it will appear in the Featured Missions listings, and pay 250 XP (+ 1000 Tokens) to all players who complete it.

Getting Your Mission Approved.

When you create a mission you can apply to have it Approved. Our testing team will check that it meets all necessary criteria and if it does, your mission may be Approved. If so, it will be added to the Featured Missions section of the Mission Panel.

Before making your mission, make sure you check our criteria for approved missions.

Studying information on how to make a video game may help you to create a mission that is fun and exciting, and more likely to be Approved.