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Collect and Play with Virtual Pets

Have you ever wanted a cat or dog? In SmallWorlds you can adopt virtual pets for free!

  • Each of your avatars can have its own pet.
  • You don’t need to be a VIP to own pets.
  • Only VIP members can take their pet out of their home space and to other places. If you’re not VIP, your pet will stay in your home space.

How To Adopt A Virtual Pet

When you adopt a pet, you’ll get to choose whether to adopt a cat or a dog, then you’ll choose your pet’s basic look.

How To Adopt A Virtual Pet

To get started, click the Profile button on the top toolbar to go to your Profile Page. Once there, select Nuture Pet. A window will guide you through the process of adopting your new virtual pet.
Once you’ve named your pet, you’ll automatically travel in-world to the Pet Training Space, and you’ll be prompted to complete the Pet Training Mission.
By completing this quick mission, you’ll learn how to change your pet’s look and the basics of pet ownership, while earning Tokens and Social XP.

How To Care for Your Virtual Pet

Click on the Nurture Pet panel on your Profile Page to care for your pet.

• Click the Hand icon to pat your pet.
• Click the Food icon to feed your pet.
• Click the Soap icon to clean your pet.
By keeping your pet happy, well-fed and clean, you’ll earn points (these are shown in the award ribbon next to your pet’s name).
When you collect enough points, you can ‘spend’ them buying amazing pet dances. Your pet could do the Fandago, dance the Salsa or even do some Ballet!
Once your pet is fully trained, you can play pet games online by showing off your dance moves and competing with others.

Pat your pet to increase Pet Happiness

Click the Hand Icon once. Your cursor will change into a hand. Move this hand curser over your pet’s head in a stroking motion (no need to hold down the mouse button). When the happiness bar is full, click your mouse to release it.

Feed your pet to increase Pet Health

Click the Food Icon once. Then click on your pet’s head to feed it. Repeat this until the health bar is full

Clean your pet to increase Pet Hygiene

Click the Soap Icon once. Your cursor will change into a bar of soap. Move the soap over your pet’s head to wash it (no need to hold down the mouse button). The faster you move your mouse, the more soap suds you’ll see and the faster your pet will get clean! When the hygiene bar is full, click your mouse to release it.
Pet Points will accumulate as your pet remains content. Click on the Price Ticket Icon to buy dances for your pet with the points you’ve earned. Play virtual pet games by going inworld to demonstate the dances your pet has learned.

How To Teach Your Pet Tricks

There are two types of tricks your virtual pet can learn:
1. In-world Tricks – The more you interact with your pet, the more tricks your pet will learn.
2. Pet Dances – Accumulate Pet Points to buy these for your pet.

In-World Tricks

All pets can learn the same tricks in-world, whether you are VIP or not.
To see what tricks your pet can do, click on your pet while you’re inworld, and select Commands.


When you first start playing, your pet will know the four tricks shown above.
By interacting with your pet, you can teach them many more.

Teaching your virtual pet tricks

As well as the tricks shown above, you can teach your virtual pet to Shake Jump, Circle Jump, and Jump & Spin.
Learn more about how to teach your pet to do tricks in the How To Teach Your Pet New Tricks section below.

Pet Dances

There are 8 pet dances you can ‘buy’ for your pet using the points you’ve earned by keeping him or her happy, well-fed and clean.

Pet Dances

To see the dances you can buy, click on the Price Ticket Icon in the Nurture Pet panel.
If you’ve earned a new dance by being kind to your pet, you can have fun in-world watching your pet pull out some moves! Click on your pet while you’re inworld, and select Commands. Your dances will be included with your pet’s tricks.
You can also use the keyboard to command your pet to dance. For example, if you’ve got the dance Thriller, simply type /pet thriller to get your pet grooving.

About Pet Points

Keeping your pet happy and accumulating Pet Points is a fun pet game to play!
Pet Points are gained and lost based on how your pet is feeling. If your pet stays happy (all three bars stay in the green) you will gain a Pet Point per day. If your pet is upset with you because you haven’t been looking after it, (one or more of your sliders are in the red), you will not earn any points. If one or more sliders are at zero, then you will lose a Pet Point per day.
Pet points are avatar/pet specific, so if you have more than one pet it’s a good idea to keep them all happy. Then you’ll be able to buy dances for each of your avatars’ pets.
Pet points can only be used to buy your pet dances. All other tricks are learned in-world.

How To Change Your Pet

You can change your virtual pet’s look, name and description by clicking on your pet when you’re inworld.

Changing your pet's look

Click on your pet and:
- Select Name to change your pet’s name and give your pet its own motto.
- Select Face to change the way your pet looks.

How To Teach Your Pet New Tricks

Your pet learns more tricks by doing the tricks it already knows over and over again.
Every pet starts off knowing four basic tricks: Move, Stay, Here, and Follow. If you have your pet practice the tricks that it already knows, it will automatically earn more tricks.
Playing virtual pet games online is a great way to help your dog or cat learn new tricks, simply by demonstrating the tricks he or she has already learned. Get together with friends and you’ll find your pets all learn new tricks much faster when you’re having fun!
Every time your pet learns a new trick, you’ll receive an alert message to let you know.

FAQ: Playing With Your Virtual Pet

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about playing virtual puppy games or virtual kitten games.

What Does The Exclamation Mark Over My Pet’s Head Mean When I Asked It To Do A Trick?

Usually this means your pet knows the trick, but will not do it. (Your pet might want a little more attention before it obeys you). To convince your pet to do the trick, try patting your pet before repeating the command.

How Do I Know What Tricks My Pet Has Learned?

All the tricks your pet knows will be displayed when you click on your pet while you’re inworld, and select Commands.

Can Pets Belonging To Non-VIPs Learn The Same Tricks And Do Pet Missions?

All pets can learn the same tricks and do the same missions. You can find these missions by searching the Missions tab.

My Pet Won’t Follow Me out of My Home Space!

You must be a VIP Club Member for your dog or cat to follow you out of your home space.