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PvP Games (Player vs Player)

If you want to play online multiplayer games with friends, try out SmallWorlds free multiplayer games now!

The basic premise of all our PvP games is this: work together with your team to safely capture the oppositions flag and return it to your team’s base without being knocked out. The team with the most points wins!

Pay a visit to Arena Central for all the information you need on PvP gaming. There’s a short Tutorial Video, and information on weapons.

We recommend you start with Space Jump Rookie and work your way up from there. There’s no need to get a team together first, just turn up to one of the Arena’s and join a game. You’ll find the Arenas in the Gaming section of the Spaces panel, or you can get to them from Arena Central.


PvP/Arena Tutorial for First-Time Players

-By BlingBling Boi

Are you new to PvP/Arena gaming or interested in trying it out?

Here is some helpful info to know before playing your first match!

What is PvP gaming?

PvP means Player vs. Player. PvP games are games where one team of players competes against another team.

There are 2 PvP games in SmallWorlds:

1. Capture the Flag – Use strategy and teamwork to steal and return the enemy flag to your team’s flag base. You must defend your team’s flag in order to capture the enemy’s flag.

2. Run! Zombie! Run! – Use strategy and teamwork to pick up and return 5 ancestor skulls of your team color to your team’s obelisk base before the enemy returns theirs.

What Is An Arena?

• Arenas are the spaces where PvP games take place.
• Each Arena contains either Capture the Flag or Run! Zombie! Run!
• There are 7 PvP Arenas on SmallWorlds.
• Each Arena requires you to be a certain Arena XP level in order to play games there.

To find what your Arena XP level is, click on your avatar, then click the “Info” bubble, and look for this icon on your levels.


Unlike other XP types that you can increase by playing missions or using widgets, you can only increase your Arena XP by playing PvP games.

The Arenas

These Game Arenas require you to have at least Level 1 Arena XP. They are made for first-time players but are open to players of any experience:
• Space Jump Rookie 1+
• Tombstone Rookie 1+
• Space Jump Magic Mayhem 1+

These Arenas require at least level 10 Arena XP and are mainly for players with Citizen Levels between 10 and 40:
• Magma Core Competitive 10+
• Space Jump Competitive 10+

These Arenas require at least level 20 Arena XP and are mainly for players with Citizen Levels higher than 40:
• Magma Core Professional 20+
• Graveyard Professional 20+

All of these Arenas are located in the Gaming tab of your Spaces window.


The PvP Games in Each Arena

• Space Jump and Magma Core Arenas have Capture the Flag as PvP games.
• Tombstone and Graveyard Arenas have Run! Zombie! Run! as PvP games.

What to Do/Know Before You Play a Match

First purchase your weapons. The best place to buy guns is Arena Central.


When you arrive, the guns should be visible on your screen. All you have to do is click on the weapons you need then click buy when you’re ready.

This space also has video stands that give you a short rundown of how to play each PvP Game.


In Capture the Flag, you will need weapons in order to shoot enemies who attack you.
• Killing an enemy who does not carry a flag will earn your team 1 point.
• Killing an enemy who is carrying a flag earns your team 5 points.

In Run! Zombie! Run!, you need weapons to help your team prevent enemy ancestors from scoring. Killing an enemy does not result in points, but it can make scoring easier for your teammates.

Learning how to shoot your weapons

1. In order to shoot your weapons, go to your inventory and find the weapon.
2. Then, make sure your action bar is open in the bottom right corner of your screen.
3. Next, click and hold your mouse on the weapon.
4. Lastly, while still holding the mouse, drag the weapon over to your action bar, in whichever slot you’d prefer.

As a first-timer, you will be playing in Rookie 1+ Arenas (Space Jump Rookie and Tombstone Rookie).

• In these Arenas, you need non-citizen level weapons.
• The 5 non-citizen weapons you need are listed below and are always for sale in the shop catalog.


• As you step into high level Arenas, stronger wearables and other items will be allowed for use and you will see that you need stronger weapons.
• If your Citizen Level is at least 5, then you can wear one of many feet items to help increase your speed.
• This includes skateboards and inline skates in various colors.

(Note: You can increase your Citizen Levels by becoming a VIP or inviting friends to play SmallWorlds).

Understanding How Scoring Works in each PvP game

In Capture the Flag:

• Non-flag kills are worth 1 point.
• Flag kills are worth 5 points.
• Capturing the flag is worth 25 points.
• Capturing the flag gives the most points, BUT it is also the riskiest thing to try and do.
• If you steal the enemy flag and fail to capture, the other team will get 5 points off of you.
• If you don’t try to steal the enemy flag, the most an enemy can get from killing you is 1 point.
• ALWAYS be VERY cautious when you consider grabbing the enemy flag.
• The first team to reach 100 points, or the team ahead after 10 minutes, wins the game.

In Run! Zombie! Run!:

• The only method of scoring is returning ancestor skulls corresponding to your team color.
• You can grab the skulls as many times as you want and if you fail to return, it will not affect the score of the game.
• Always be aware of your surrounds before grabbing skulls.
• Grabbing a skull reduces your speed, so scoring will be a challenge.

• The first team that return all of their skulls, or more of their skulls than their opponent in 10 minutes, wins the game.

Don’t be afraid to be new! We’ve all been there!

Everyone has to be new to something. The first match is always the hardest just like your first day at a new school or your first day on the job, because it’s your first time!

You’re not used to the game yet. You’re getting used to how it all works, what you should and shouldn’t do, where to go, and the deeper detail of the game that the experienced players have grown to understand over time.

The best thing you can do as a new player to a game, is not be afraid to be new.
Don’t worry about making mistakes, and don’t worry about what people have to say.

They were once a new player just like you, and I bet you there were players who took exception to their mistakes.

The PvP community has many great people who are more than willing to help you further improve your skills and provide you with plenty of tips and strategies in the PvP/Arena Forums to help make your transition from a Rookie player to an experienced Professional as smooth as can be.

So if you like 2 player games or mmo games, why not give PvP gaming a try?

That concludes this tutorial. I hope that you now understand what PvP and Arenas are, and that you are able to play your first match without too much trouble! It only gets better the more and more you play so what are we waiting for!?

Give PvP a try today and can’t wait to see you in the Arenas!