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What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept many different payment methods in the SmallWorlds store including: Xsolla, PayPal and Openbucks.

If you select this option when making your payment:

… then you can see all the other payment options that Xsolla offers in your area, including rixty, skrill and many other gift cards.

Click for more information on how to make payments without a credit card


Contact Xsolla


Contact PayPal


Contact Openbucks


(Formerly known as Zong)

+1(877)207-7972 or  email

I Bought a Smallworlds Package but I Don’t See It in My Inventory.

  1. Check your inventory for each of the individual items in the package.
  2. If you don’t see them, check your order history (click the Account button next to the logout button in the top right corner).
  3. If you are sure you completed a transaction but can’t see the items you bought keep reading.

I Bought Something from Smallworlds but I Don’t See the Items.

  1. Check your account with your payment provider and ensure that the purchase was completed.
  2. If you confirm the purchase was completed, wait a few minutes and refresh your inventory/check your gold balance/VIP status.
  3. If the problem has not resolved please contact our payments team by emailing

Remember to provide us with the email address associated with your account, what you purchased, the date, time and timezone of the purchase and any transaction reference number that is on your statement.

My Payment Failed – What Do I Do?

  1. Check your account with the payment provider.
  2. Contact the issuer of your credit card – your card may have expired.
  3. If you are using a prepaid or Gift Card – call the issuer and ask them if this card can be used for online purchasing via UltimatePay and if so, are there any special requirements such as the registration of your address? They should tell you how to do this.
  4. If you are using Zong – refer to the Zong Customer Support section for how to contact Zong customer support.

My Browser Crashed or I Received a 404 or Other Error While the Payment Was Processing, How Do I Check if the Payment Went Through?

Log into Smallworlds and confirm whether or not you received your items/gold/VIP, if not, the transaction didn’t go through to SmallWorlds First check your account with your payment provider. If you have been charged please email us at to inform our Payments Team – remember to include:

  • The email address associated with your account
  • The transaction reference number that is on your statement – we will make sure any product that you paid for is added to your SmallWorlds user account.
  • If you also provide the exact amount, date and time as it shows on your statement – and your location so we can match it to a timezone – it will help us help you more quickly.