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The Rules

This is not the official Terms of Service – you will still need to read that – but this will provide you with a quick and easy-to-understand explanation of how to behave in SmallWorlds. You can’t go wrong by abiding by these “10 SmallWorlds Commandments”.

  • Thou Shalt Not Share Your Login Details with ANYONE – not even your BF/GF/BFF
      • SmallWorlds staff will never ask for your password. Anyone who does ask is trying to scam you.
      • Do not use your SmallWorlds password anywhere else on the web
      • Sharing accounts just leads to all sorts of trouble that you can avoid
      • If you have shared your password, update it immediately and don’t tell ANYONE.
      • Read this and never lose your account
  • Thou Shalt Not Bully

Bullying is harassment and is treated very seriously. Serious cases will be escalated to the authorities.

  • Thou Shalt Not Swear

While you might not take offense to certain language, others do.

  • Thou Shall Keep It Clean

SmallWorlds is family-friendly, and does not tolerate sexual behavior. Inappropriate behavior is actively investigated and escalated to the authorities.

  • Thou Shalt Not Cheat

If you create multiple accounts for the purpose of generating gold/tokens/items (known as farming/muling) all of your accounts will be banned – no questions asked.

  • Thou Shalt Not Scam

Tricking other players into giving their account information or otherwise preying on other players will not be tolerated.

  • Thou Shalt Not Be Tricked

Be smarter than the scammers – immediately report anyone saying that they will give you free gold/VIP/tokens/items in exchange for your login info. Always have a “buyer beware” attitude.

  • Thou Shalt Not Spam

Don’t copy and paste or type phrases repeatedly into conversation

  • Thou Shalt Not False Report

If you intentionally file a false report, it will go on your record.

  • Be a Good Citizen

The better you are, the better the game – and your experience – will be.

Be sure to also read all of our official legal documentation.