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Update Your Details

Changing personal details such as your account password or email address is easy! Simply click on the Cog Icon on the right hand side of your top toolbar. A panel will be displayed that shows all your account information and you can change it as you require.

Changing Your Password or Email Address

To change your password or the email address your account is registered to, go into the Personal Details section.

Change your email address by entering your new address into the email field.

Change your password by entering your new password into the new password field. Once successfully saved, your new password will get you into your account.

We strongly recommend making your password difficult for people to guess. For example, don’t use your name as your password.

Changing Your Avatar Name

We don’t currently allow the changing of Avatar names.

Avatars that are deemed inappropriate, offensive or that have misleading names – including those implying an Avatar is a SmallWorlds staff member – will be deleted by our moderation team.

Can I Delete My SmallWorlds Account?

SmallWorlds is planning to introduce the ability to deactivate accounts in a future release.

In the meantime, if you really want to remove your Avatars and Spaces, simply delete all your Avatars by logging in, going to your Home Page, and clicking on the trash can at the top right corner of each Avatar in your Avatar carousel.