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Changes to Invite Rewards

AUTHOR: Ruby Rush POSTED: June 4, 2013

We’ve made some changes to the rewards you get for inviting friends into SmallWorlds.

One thing we love to do is find ways to grow the SmallWorlds community so more people can come and have fun. Encouraging current players to invite their friends is a really great way to do so. Up until now we have provided the following rewards to you for inviting friends into SmallWorlds: 100 Gold if a player you invited signs up, as well as Citizen Points for you when they achieve specific XP levels. You can read more info here about Citizen Levels.

Our thanks to the 6%

As part of our ongoing analysis into all our business metrics, we recently unearthed some pretty disturbing information about Invite Gold and here it is:

94% of people use Invite Gold as an opportunity to scam SmallWorlds.

That’s right, 94%. What this means for us as a business is that nearly ALL of the reward Gold we are giving out for invites is for nothing. We gain no benefit from it, we get no new players. With a percentage as high as this, we had no choice but to take away the Gold component of Invite rewards – effective immediately.

We’d like to sincerely thank the 6% of you who have been using this feature honestly, but due to the rather large majority of players who use this feature dishonestly as a method of getting free Gold, we cannot allow this to continue. When you invite your friends, you will continue to receive Citizen Points upon your friends achieving XP levels and we’d love to encourage you to keep on inviting them.

One thing that will never change is this: meeting up with friends in-world will always make your SmallWorlds playing experience way more fun!

If you’d like to discuss this on the forums, click here.

Ruby Rush
Community Manager

Ruby Rush Known as the Guardian Angel of the SmallWorlds community, Ruby acts as an official conduit between HQ and all of our players. Her other duties involve running awesome contests and caring for the pets in the marketing department. She also enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits from SWHQ.


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