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Gopher Launch: Download & Play NOW!

AUTHOR: Ruby Rush POSTED: June 13, 2013

The time is here! Gopher Launch is now available on world-wide release for Android & iOS – Download and Play it NOW!

If you’ve got an Android or iOS Mobile device, our Gophernaut is ready to take you on the rocket ride of your life! You’ll slingshot your way across 3D planets in this unique and beautiful free action puzzler. Check out the Gopher Launch Trailer here – then download and play!






To celebrate the release of our very first mobile game, when you download and play Gopher Launch you’ll get a fantastic free Gopher Head wearable that you can use in SmallWorlds. And, as you progress through the game, you’ll also gain access to awesome craftable spacesuits!

Free Gopher Head Wearable!

Be one of the first in SmallWorlds to get yours: Download & play Gopher Launch today!

head wearable

Do you use Facebook login? Read This!

First you’ll need to first set an email/password login for SmallWorlds in order to receive your Gopher Head:

  1. Log into SmallWorlds as you normally do with your Facebook account

  2. Click on Account Settings (the Cog icon in the top right corner of your screen)

  3. Under Personal Details add a valid email address and a password for your account. Make sure that the email address that you use is one that you can receive and send emails from.

  4. Return to Gopher Launch and log in to SmallWorlds using your new email + password login.

Craftable Space Suits!

To celebrate the release of our first mobile game, we’re also releasing the spacesuits worn by Gophernaut as wearable items that you can craft in SmallWorlds!


As you progress through Gopher Launch, you’ll earn badges for each new system you unlock. Each badge can be used to craft a different suit in SmallWorlds.

Here’s the suits, left to right: Body Armor, Insulator, Smasher, Gold-Magnet, Rebreather, Stasis & Camouflage Suit.

As you progress through Gopher Launch, you’ll receive a message in the game that you have Rewards. Check out the screenshots below – click on the icon in the top left of the main menu screen, and you will be able to enter your SmallWorlds account details.

Your badges will then be automatically be added to your  SmallWorlds inventory, and you’ll be able to craft the space suits which are crafting Level 1, so anyone will be able to craft them. (NOTE: Gopher Launch is the ONLY place other than SmallWorlds where you can securely share your SmallWorlds account details).

Gl Rewards

Click here for more information on how to earn badges by playing Gopher Launch and craft Space Suits in SmallWorlds.

Gophernauts in Space…and in SmallWorlds!

We can’t wait for you to join the ranks of SmallWorlds Space Gophers. Download and play Gopher Launch today and enjoy the lush 3D graphics you’ve come to know and love in SmallWorlds, really cool puzzle gameplay and get awesome items to use and craft in SmallWorlds.

If you’d like more information about Gopher Launch, there’s loads of ways to keep in touch:

We’re so proud of Gopher Launch, we’d love it if you’d share it with all your friends!

If you’d like to discuss this on the forums, click here.


* Compatible devices for Gopher Launch: 

  • Phone 4 and up, iPod Touch Gen 4 and up.
  • Android  - Running version 2.3 (gingerbread) or greater. We recommend at least a dual core device for an optimum experience but feel free to try it on whatever device you have on hand.
  • iPad 1 and up.

Ruby Rush Known as the Guardian Angel of the SmallWorlds community, Ruby acts as an official conduit between HQ and all of our players. Her other duties involve running awesome contests and caring for the pets in the marketing department. She also enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits from SWHQ.


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