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Gopher Launch Test Team Announced!

AUTHOR: Ruby Rush POSTED: June 5, 2013

Did you apply to be one of the first 25 people in the known universe to test Gopher Launch? Check here for your name!

Before I announce the names of the lucky 25, I have another really exciting announcement to make:

Gopher Launch has been accepted by Apple App Store!

We just had news today that Gopher Launch has been accepted by the Apple App Store! Yes, our first mobile app will be out the door and ready to download onto a compatible mobile device near you on June 20th. Woop Woop!

We were in celebration mode yesterday at SWHQ and Battle Monkey even brought in a cake! (Oh… he always brings in a cake. ;-) It  was gooood!

Test Team: Get ready to launch your Gopher!

Thanks to everyone who showed so much enthusiasm – we had over 700 of you apply for the 25 places!

So…. we fired up our Random Name Generator, fed in all the names, it clicked whizzed and rattled (sort of) and below you’ll find the list of the 25 names it spat out. Big congrats if your name is listed below – we’ll be in touch with you real soon with your Gopher Launch login details.

  1. Kuka Munizz
  2. Shweet Suqarpuss
  3. Yuge What
  4. Invisible Girly
  5. Evie Mackenzie
  6. Tyler Daman
  7. Mustache Lexi
  8. Kimberly Nicks
  9. Devil Kat
  10. Catherine Hunt
  11. Feffrey Alsup
  12. Rene Carson
  13. Auroara Sulkin
  14. Danny Rockzz
  15. Michi Brooks
  16. Ellie Craft the 4th
  17. Kammie Milano
  18. Mal Zapata
  19. Sweetest Bee
  20. Tessa Blaze the 2nd
  21. Ayden Dixson
  22. Sticky Paws
  23. Rachel Bourg
  24. Sammy Kyendelz
  25. Shanice William the 13th

We can’t wait to share Gopher Launch with you guys and see what you think! We’ll share some of their experiences with you over the couple of weeks leading up to the real launch date of 20th June.

Here’s to Gophers in Space!! – thousands & thousands & thousands of ‘em!

Ruby Rush
Community Manager

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Ruby Rush Known as the Guardian Angel of the SmallWorlds community, Ruby acts as an official conduit between HQ and all of our players. Her other duties involve running awesome contests and caring for the pets in the marketing department. She also enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits from SWHQ.


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