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It’s Reunion Month in SmallWorlds!

AUTHOR: Ruby Rush POSTED: June 30, 2013

There’s one simple formula that we know to be true: SmallWorlds + Friends =  Double the fun!

It’s really cool meeting new friends in SmallWorlds, but we think there’s something extra special about reuniting with old friends to really get the fun times happening!

Who do you miss hanging out with?

Got some old friends you missing hanging out with in SmallWorlds? July is the best month ever to invite them back in! It’ll be just like old times – and look at all the cool stuff we have planned!

Old Spaces Reopening!

Remember Dungeon of Deals and the Welcome to SmallWorlds space? How about World of SmallCraft, Sands of Time, & Mary’s Antiques? Every week in July, there’ll be somewhere new (well, old!)  to visit.  Each week there will be two different spaces added to the Featured Places Panel, just for that week. It’s gonna be a really fun trip down memory lane. This week we’ll feature Big Al’s Diner and Ace’s Appliances. Come visit!

July 21 – Reunion Party!

This is gonna be BIG! Start planning your reunion party now, ‘cos Sunday July 21 is gonna be a day to remember. Get as many of your old SmallWorlds friends to come celebrate it with you – get inviting them now! We’ll bring you more exciting news about the Reunion Party as it draws closer.

Snap your own SmallWorlds Reunion photo!

Our art team have designed a really awesome photo backdrop for your Reunion photos – you and your friends can visit a special space and snap some really cool shots together. Watch First Post for news on when this space opens up!

Get your FREE Reunion T-Shirt!

As part of our Reunion Month celebrations, we’ve designed an awesome SmallWorlds Reunion T-Shirt and you’ll be able to get one FREE! More news on that soon!

Make Reunion Month the very best it can be – make sure you invite some old compadres back into SmallWorlds. Afterall, what’s a reunion without your old friends?! ~ Ruby Rush

Ruby Rush Known as the Guardian Angel of the SmallWorlds community, Ruby acts as an official conduit between HQ and all of our players. Her other duties involve running awesome contests and caring for the pets in the marketing department. She also enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits from SWHQ.


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