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Maintenance Update: June 7th

AUTHOR: Ruby Rush POSTED: June 3, 2013

We have a maintenance update scheduled for 10pm (SWT) Friday 7th June: includes updates to Kudos and Mission Search.

SmallWorlds will not need to go offline for this update.

As well as attending to a few of the more visible things which we’ve been working to fix (like Kudos and Mission Search), it’s worth remembering that our maintenance updates always include a whole heap of behind-the-scenes tweaks that you may not notice, but make a big difference to the overall smooth functioning of SmallWorlds.

Here’s some of what this update includes:

  • Mission Search Improvements: we will roll out the ‘first cut’ in our planned improvements for Mission Search.
  • Kudos payout from offers will be restored.
  • Kudos XP earned will not count toward your daily XP cap.
  • Space Details Bar positioning will be adjusted so that it no longer overlays widgets in some resolutions.
  • In-World Postcards: image loading issue will be fixed.
  • Offers widget: Chat functionality will be restored.
  • And lets not forget the many invisible ‘behind-the-curtains’ fixes that make everything run better…

…and it goes without saying that while all items on the list above are scheduled for this update, those coding gremlins sometimes have their evil way, so we always like to say “none of the above can be guaranteed”.

Space Searching Issue

This is proving to be a little stickier than we thought. Every time the developer thinks he’s gotten to the root of it, the issue takes on a new and interesting ‘mutation’. Bottom line is, it’s just not easy. Please rest assured that the issue has a developer assigned to it and is being actively worked on but it’s not making it in for this update.

If you’d like to discuss this on the forums, please click here.

Ruby Rush

Community Manager

Ruby Rush Known as the Guardian Angel of the SmallWorlds community, Ruby acts as an official conduit between HQ and all of our players. Her other duties involve running awesome contests and caring for the pets in the marketing department. She also enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits from SWHQ.


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