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On Sale Now: Jade Ninja, Star Cape, and Purple Topaz Fairy Wings

AUTHOR: Tate SmallWorlds POSTED: June 23, 2013

Right now in your Shop Catalog, we’ve heavily discounted three wearables!

• Purple Topaz Fairy Wings (VIP Only) – now Half Price!

• Jade Ninja – 40% off

• Star Cape – 40% off

Check the Specials section of the Shop Catalog now as these specials are only available for a strictly limited time.

Tate SmallWorlds Tate spends his time scouting out great bands and has even been known to join in on stage for a number or two. He knows many of SmallWorlds’ coolest spaces inside and out, especially the kept secrets when it comes to epic missions or just great places to chill-out.


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