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Fringe Street Clothing!

Rare Fringe Street Clothing!

AUTHOR: Madison SmallWorlds POSTED: August 8, 2017

Here are four new fashion items you won’t be able to do without. They’re only available during Fashion Month, so rush into Smallwear to get yours now!

Create a new outfit with the Fringe Stripe Singlet, the Fringe Crossed Crop Hoodie, the Fringe Sheer Crop, and the Fringe Skater Skirt. All four of these items are available in a range of gorgeous colors, so head to Smallwear to try them on, or find them in your Shop Catalog.

Madison SmallWorlds Madison is the go-to girl for anything on the SmallWorlds social and fashion scenes. An intrepid reporter who stops at nothing to get her hands on the latest clothing releases so that you’re the first to know the hottest SmallWorlds trends.


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