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Rare Play Holdable Skeleton!

AUTHOR: Madison SmallWorlds POSTED: October 12, 2017

Rush into the Town Center to get a Rare Holdable Skeleton. It’s only available for Halloween Month.

The Rare Holdable Skeleton is a cute but creepy holdable item that will give you +25 Health, +25 Speed, and +10 Fire Resistance.

You’ll find it in your Shop Catalog and the Town Center during Halloween Month only.

And you may notice the Town Center lighting is green for today’s Craft-o-ween mission – this color wasn’t available before. We’ve added a few new space lighting colors to the Lighting Themes section of the Space Settings panel, so be sure and take a look at the new options for your own spaces.

Madison SmallWorlds Madison is the go-to girl for anything on the SmallWorlds social and fashion scenes. An intrepid reporter who stops at nothing to get her hands on the latest clothing releases so that you’re the first to know the hottest SmallWorlds trends.


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