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Spin The Deluxe Spin To Win Wheel and You Can Win Big!

AUTHOR: Tate SmallWorlds POSTED: July 30, 2013

We’ve put even more high-value items onto the wheel, so your chances of winning big just got even better!

There are some awesome items to win on the Spin To Win Wheel right now!  Here’s just a sample of what you could get by spinning now:

- A Honey Bee Suit valued at 8,000 Gold
- A Moda Leather Backpack valued at 1,450 Gold
- The Armor of Chiron valued at 4,000 Gold
- An Elegance Double Bed valued at 1,800 Gold
- A Zoom Unicorn: Rare item, not available in stores
- A Zoom Alpha Hoverbike: Rare item, not available in stores
- A Century Apartment 22E valued at 6,200 Gold
- A Century Apartment 22F valued at 6,200 Gold
- 25,000 Gold
- 10,000 Gold
- A Black Pony valued at 8,000 Gold
- A Radioactive Robot Suit valued at 8,000 Gold
- And loads more prizes!

You’ll find the Deluxe Spin To Win on your Profile page.  Good luck!

Tate SmallWorlds Tate spends his time scouting out great bands and has even been known to join in on stage for a number or two. He knows many of SmallWorlds’ coolest spaces inside and out, especially the kept secrets when it comes to epic missions or just great places to chill-out.


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