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Large Christmas Candle

The Thirteenth Advent Present Is A Large Christmas Candle!

AUTHOR: Madison SmallWorlds POSTED: December 13, 2017

The thirteenth of our 25 Advent Present Boxes has unwrapped. The present is an amazing Large Christmas Candle!

One Advent Present Box will unwrap every day until December 25, and there are 25 Rare Advent Presents in total.

Once all the presents have unwrapped, we’ll put the empty gift boxes on the Free and Deluxe Spin To Win Wheels for three days so you can win the entire set. The empty boxes will NOT transform into presents.

If you missed out on one or you discover a present you don’t like, it’s easy to exchange your gifts with other players. Head to the Trading Post to or use the Trading Widgets located in the Town Center.

I hope you’re enjoying the Advent Presents. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s Advent Present will be!

Madison SmallWorlds Madison is the go-to girl for anything on the SmallWorlds social and fashion scenes. An intrepid reporter who stops at nothing to get her hands on the latest clothing releases so that you’re the first to know the hottest SmallWorlds trends.


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