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Cool New Bobz: Zap Firefly and Buzzy Bee!

AUTHOR: Chloe SmallWorlds POSTED: June 20, 2013

Two awesome new Bobz are now available: the Bobz Buzzy Bee and the Bobz Zap Firefly!

Bobz are animated wearables that hover over your shoulder and go wherever you do.

The Bobz Buzzy Bee will give you a Health boost of + 15 , a Speed boost of + 15 , and a Nature Resistance boost of + 15.  It also makes a  very cute buzzing noise!

The Bobz Zap Firefly is the brightest-lit Bobz due to his glowing butt, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, get a Bobz Zap Firefly!  The Zap Firefly will give you a Health boost of + 25, a Speed boost of + 25, and a Nature Resistance boost of + 25.

If there’s ever a time you don’t want your Bobz with you, leave it in your space and your Bobz will hover beautifully, waiting patiently for you to return.  They look great in your garden, hovering over a patch of flowers.

All Bobz can only be worn by VIP members, and they’re available from the Emporium and your Shop Catalog.


Chloe SmallWorlds Chloe has a creative, enquiring mind. An avid artist and photographer, she has lately been branching out into sculpting. Her favorite pastimes include exploring missions with rich storytelling and discovering new SmallWorlds art galleries.


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