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The Zoo Is Here and We’re Adopting Animals!

AUTHOR: Aj SmallWorlds POSTED: November 21, 2013

Check out our awesome new Zoo!  We’re looking for cool animal sculptures to go in it.  Enter your animal sculpture in our monthly contest, and you could win 5,000 Gold!

Sculptors: Upload a screenshot of your awesome animal sculpture here.

Non-Sculptors:  VOTE for your favorite sculpture!  (And start practicing because we’ll be running a similar contest next month).

How To Win

1. The thirty most voted-for sculptures will go into our shortlist.
2. Our judges will choose their favorite FIVE sculptures from the shortlist.
3. Five winners will get 5,000 Gold each.  They’ll be asked to provide a clone of their sculpture to be displayed in the SmallWorlds Zoo.


1. The animal must be one that could be found in a zoo.  It can be an unusual animal, but it can’t be a fantasy or made-up animal.

2. Up to four sculpting blocks can be used to create the animal.  If more than 4 blocks are used, you’ll be disqualified.  There’s no minimum size.

3. You can enter as many times as you like.

You have until midnight on Saturday 30th November to enter the contest.  Good luck!

Aj SmallWorlds AJ prides himself on being a gaming geek and gadget freak. The shelves of his home display every weapon, wearable and spell ever released in SmallWorlds. He’s loves writing for First Post as he gets to review all the cool new gear.


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