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Check out the Info Hub for everything you need: FAQs, Guides & Walkthroughs, Help & Support and more.

If you are still having problems after looking through our help pages please Email our Support Team for further assistance.

Free Gold & VIP

There are lots of people, websites and YouTube videos out there telling you that you can get free VIP, free gold and more. These are scams. Read this to safeguard your account.

Payment Problems

If you require assistance making a payment on SmallWorlds, please contact our Payments Team.

Banned Accounts

Sometimes players think that they’ve been banned when they are just experiencing technical issues entering the game.

If you have been banned you will receive a message when you try to log in that specifically states this. If you receive this:

  1. Check your email: as soon as any account is banned we send an automatic email to the address on file explaining why and for how long
  2. The ban will be removed automatically after the required amount of time has passed (for example, a 1 week ban will lift on the 8th day)
  3. Make sure you also get acquainted with The Rules to avoid getting banned in the first place.