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Get Free Gold

Gold is the premium currency in SmallWorlds. The fastest and easiest way to get gold is to buy it, but we outline a number of other ways that you can get gold without paying if you put in the work.


Beware people offering free gold, VIP or other goodies in exchange for your password, it’s a scam!


Also, be aware that there are many scams of players offering to buy tokens in exchange for gold.

There are the lots of legit ways to earn gold & even get free items in SmallWorlds!

Method #1: Offers

Take a survey, download trial software or buy something from our shopping list on a partnered e-commerce site: these are all ways to earn SmallWorlds gold! Head to The Factory to check out the latest offers.

Read this important information about offers first.

Method #2: Spin to Win

While there’s no guarantee, it’s always worth it to give the wheel a spin every six hours and see what you win. You have nothing to lose!

The Spin-to-Win Deluxe will cost you gold to buy spins, but you can win big! Furniture, consumables and even houses are all to be won.

Method #3: Item Sales

Save your Monthly Collectable and other rare items (such as from special SmallWorlds official missions) and keep an eye on the player-run stores to see what their value is. The longer you wait, the more the items will become worth and you can sell them, usually for gold.

As you get more advanced be sure to check out the Marketplace forum.

Method #4: Arcade, Pool & Other Mini Games

Compete in daily tournaments or issue challenges to other players to wager tokens or gold.

Contests & Competitions

Keep your eyes peeled for official contests with awesome prizes including gold and even rare items! We advertise these in First Post.