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Approved Missions

What is an Approved Mission?

SmallWorlds has a policy of promoting high quality content – we want to make it easy for our player to find and play cool missions!

When you create a mission you can apply to have it “Approved”. Our testing team will check that it meets all necessary criteria and if it does, your mission will appear in the Featured Missions listings, and payout 250 XP (+ 1000 Tokens) to all players who complete it.

Here is all the information you need on how to give your Mission the very best chance of being Approved – which means more people will play it!

Below are the guidelines for creating missions in SmallWorlds.

How to Submit Your Mission for Approval

The first thing to do when you’ve polished up your mission, is to submit your mission for Approval. You do so by submitting your mission information on this form:

Approved Missions Submission Form

Our Criteria for Approved Missions

1 – Average Time to Complete Mission

Approved missions need to be between 4 and 30 mins in length – long enough to provide a fun & engaging experience but not so long that players get frustrated or bored. A few of the current featured missions do in fact fall outside of this, but because we’re nice, we’ll leave them in there. All future Approved Missions will need to fall between these times. If you wish to create a longer mission, you may break your mission into chapters, but the first chapter must be a standalone mission no longer than 30 mins. An approved Chapter 1 may link to an unapproved Chapter 2.

Submitting Longer Missions – “Chapter Missions”:
It’s really important to us that we provide a fun experience for our players. Most new players have their first mission experiences from those chosen from the Featured Missions panel. The majority of mission players do not play really long missions. AND we know that those that love to play long missions are out there, and we do not wish to compromise your playing enjoyment or your creativity. So here is what we have decided.

If you wish to submit a longer mission to be approved (a mission which is over 30 mins long) you will need to divide it into “chapters”. Each separate Chapter will need to be approved, and most importantly, the first chapter needs to be a standalone mission of under 30 mins. This is so that a player can complete the mission at “chapter one” if that’s all they want to do. For players who love longer missions and wish to keep playing the mission and move onto chapter 2, they are able to do so. You can have an approved Chapter 1 linking to an unapproved Chapter 2. If both chapters are approved, yes, the player will get the 250 XP payout for both chapters.

2 – Creativity

We’ll be looking for missions that showcase your creativity: space decorating, story writing, interaction usage. Surprise us! Delight us! Educate us! In summary: you want to make us say “Wow that was one COOL mission – It’s Approved!”.

3 – Ease of Play

We’re looking to include missions that players can enjoy & have fun with, not ones that are so darn puzzling that players lose interest. Although we know that many players love a good challenge and we are not discouraging you from making these, the Approved Missions listings are for missions that are fun, creative and ultimately do-able. It’s a real skill to get the ‘challenge balance’ just right, and this is one of the skills we’d like to reward.

Please Test your Mission

Please ensure that you test your missions before submitting. Missions that our testing team is unable to complete for any reason cannot be approved. Thanks!

Additional Details

Very Important – Custom Mission Panel Changes

If your mission is approved, you must not make any changes to the Custom Mission Panel. If you do make changes within the CMP (i.e. changing spelling, rewording a task, changing the action that needs to be taken to complete the task) you will need to resubmit your mission for approval. This will be an automated process: as soon as the mission creator hits save, the mission will revert to 25 XP payout. Changes of interactions, items or any other things in the space will not require resubmission.

Even if you open the CMP, make no changes, and then click SAVE, your approved mission will then revert back to standard payout. To our system, clicking “save” = “there have been changes made”. Once your mission is approved, make sure that if you DO open the CMP that you just click CLOSE. This is why it’s important to get everything right before submitting for approval, so we don’t have to go backward and forwards all the time. :-)

Submitting Missions created by Inactive players

We will have occasional “Mission Submission Amnesties” from time to time where you will have a few days to submit others missions. So, if you discover an old favourite and the creator is no longer playing we will give you the opportunity to submit other peoples missions. Please try as best you can to contact the mission creator first. Watch the forums & First Post for updates on the next “amnesty”.

Guidelines for ALL Missions

Any mission you create (whether submitted for approval or not) must meet the following criteria. Failure to do so could result in removal of the mission.

  1. Multiple Missions: Multiple missions cannot have tasks complete with one action/event.
  2. Triggers: A mission/item interaction cannot automatically trigger multiple missions or tasks.
  3. Space Changing: A mission can not be nothing but travel from space to space, adding a single quick action task (i.e. emote) between space changes is considered the same as nothing but travel.
  4. Time Delays: Missions may not use any form of time delays, to artificially increase time to complete. A short delay can be used if it is to enhance the story (i.e. “Stop and ponder your next move”, which may require the player to wait 30 seconds to ponder.) We will not set a specific time as to what the delay can be, because we do not want to restrict legitimate mission makers. We simply ask that you be reasonable when using a delay.
  5. Bonus Missions: A bonus mission must be able to be completed on its own merit. They may not share tasks with the “main” mission.
  6. Content: Must meet content standards and guidelines (cannot be offensive). Please refer to SmallWorlds Terms and Conditions located here.

Mission Payouts

We have a very simple “flat rate” payout system in SmallWorlds:

Completion of an Approved mission = 250 XP.

Completion of an Unapproved mission = 25 XP.

Completion of missions under 3 mins in length (even an approved mission) = 0 XP.